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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Is Peyton Manning still elite and other important questions

This week on the Family Hour, Stephen White, Danny Kelly, RVB and PFT Commenter discuss those Peyton Manning trade rumors, the latest on DeflateGate, Dan Snyder the humanitarian (lol), Russell Wilson's future in Seattle, HBO's "Ballers," and so much more!

Offseason? What offseason? There is no offseason for takes, and this week's podcast has plenty of piping hot NFL takes for your listening pleasure. Stephen White, Danny Kelly, and PFT Commenter joined me to make predictions and pontifications about important topics like when Roger Goodell will decide Tom Brady's fate and whether or not Peyton Manning is elite anymore (hint, he's no Joe Flacco).

Here's what we covered this week on the Internet's only* NFL podcast:

  • When are we going to find out if Brady's suspension gets slashed or not?
  • Those wacky Peyton Manning trade rumors ... and his elite status.
  • Dan Snyder, humanitarian.
  • Can the Seahawks survive without Russell Wilson?
  • Terrelle Pryor's NFL future.
  • Dexter Manley and his holy-shit-how-did-he-survive-that story.
  • Ballers is not compelling television.
  • Diddy versus Sal Alosi.

Just an outstanding football talking program from start to finish. You can also get us on iTunes, if that's your kind of thing.

*May not be the web's only NFL podcast.