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Rise 'n Grind: The NFL won't let DeflateGate go away

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You didn't really think this would end quickly, did you?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

BRADY'S DENIAL: Tom Brady made a "compelling case" during his Tuesday appeal, according to Tom Brady's attorney. The NFL's people reportedly didn't think it was all that compelling, according to Pro Football Talk. Besides issuing the same denial he did in the Wells Report, Brady's defense focused on the science and that whole "more probable than not" thing.

BRADY BRIEFS: Post-hearing briefs for Brady's appeal, a rare move for the player discipline process, are due by the end of next week, which means Roger Goodell will have even more to consider in making a decision about Brady's suspension, a decision which will then likely be the subject of another lawsuit. Fun!


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ODELL HAS NO PROBLEM: Odell Beckham Jr.says he has "no problem" with his teammates, despite some reported ribbing that set him off last week. The Giants expressed concern about Beckham's maturation in our profile of the reigning Rookie of the Year earlier this week.

JULIO'S BIG YEAR: We know that Julio Jones is really good, but this is shaping up to be the year where he reaches new heights, like Megatron-type stuff.

ASK JABARI GREER: Canal Street Chronicles is having a QnA with the former Saints cornerback. Stop by and ask him a question.

BILL AND CHIP: Uh oh, Chip Kelly is channeling Bill Belichick.

HALL OF FAME WORTHY: Does former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher belong in the HOF?

MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN: We've spent all this time talking about Tom Brady's suspension, so you should at least get to know Goodell's henchman that actually handed down the punishment in this case. Jenny Vrentas introduces you to Troy Vincent.

GURLEY RETURN: Rams running back Todd Gurley is aiming to be on the field and ready to go when training camp starts, which seems optimistic. He might want to reconsider once he has a closer look at that offensive line.

RENAMED: The Titans have a new stadium ... kind of. LP Field has a new name via a new sponsor.

NEXT HEAD COACH: Teryl Austin, the Lions defensive coordinator, is going to be someone to watch when coaching jobs start opening up in January.

"EVERYTHING YOU WOULD WANT": Bill Cowher had some powerful things to say about Jerome Bettis.

WHAT THE CHARGERS WANT: What is owner Dean Spanos really angling for in the San Diego stadium fight?