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Tom Brady appeal likely won't be decided until late July, per report

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DeflateGate isn't going anywhere fast, as a decision from the league likely won't come until late July, according to a report.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wrapped up his appeal in a measly 10 hours on Tuesday, but he shouldn't expect any decision on his suspension until mid to late July, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.

Post-hearing briefs are due "late next week," and, of course, the NFL would need time to go over the briefs, consider everything within and make a decision based on all the information within. At this point the league could eliminate or reduce the four-game suspension, and there's no indication one way or the other which way they might be leaning after the appeal hearing.

It's unclear if Brady and the NFL Players Association would escalate things further if the league rejects the appeal or reduces the suspension by only one or two games, but the next step would be taking the league to court to settle things.

We knew going in that Roger Goodell said the only way for Brady to make any progress on clearing his name was to provide new information. Whether he did provide any new information is unknown at this point. In fact, there haven't been many leaks in regards to the actual appeal hearing. Brady's team said they felt they put together a "very compelling case."

If you were hoping that DeflateGate was going away any time soon, we likely won't hear anything of substance until an actual decision comes down from the league. Even then, this may drag on long beyond whatever decision is handed down in July. DeflateGate isn't going anywhere, at this point.