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Rise 'n Grind: The Patriots 'cheated and shouldn't be a champion'

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Emmanuel Sanders is really pissed off about the Patriots winning it all last season with potentially under-inflated footballs. Also, the NFL is one giant leap closer to putting a team in Los Angeles. Rise and grind with us.

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VACATE THE CHAMPS: "Yeah, I'm mad," said Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders when asked about DeflateGate. But he didn't stop there. He thinks the Patriots should be stripped of their Super Bowl win ... which still wouldn't have helped him catch a critical pass on third and 4, in single coverage, in the fourth quarter.

SOMEONE'S MOVING: This is a good sign for NFL fans in Los Angeles, and a bad sign for fans in one or two of the three markets that could lose a team. The NFL is officially looking for a temporary stadium in Los Angeles -- the Rose Bowl and Coliseum are in the mix -- for the 2016 season.

SCOUTING SAM: Michael Sam returned to the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, and the team's general manager says that NFL teams are already calling about him.


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TEBOW UPDATE: You know who else almost joined the Alouettes too? That's right, Tim Tebow.

NICE MOVE, PEYTON: Forget the trade rumors about a trade that never happened. Instead, read this story about Peyton Manning being a great guy and coming through to help kids in need.

EAGLES ADD A GUARD: There's nothing official yet, but it sounds like the Eagles are signing the recently un-retired John Moffit to help fill some self-made holes on their offensive line.

GET PAID: Should Russell Wilson be the highest-paid player in the NFL?

BUTLERGATE: Pats Pulpit goes deep into the NFLPA's complaint about the Patriots barring Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler from OTAs this spring.

SAPP CHARGEDWarren Sapp is being charged with three counts of domestic violence for an April incident with his girlfriend in Las Vegas. The allegations are pretty ugly, another dark chapter in a career that's gone way off the rails.

PETERSON'S FALL: How bad would it be if, after all the acrimony between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings, they finally get him back in the fold only to have him injured because of hijinks on a Phunkee Duck?

VICE PRESIDENTIAL: Woah, am I reading this right? The Eagles drafted Al Gore?