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NFL officially seeking a temporary venue in Los Angeles for 2016

The league is working to find temporary venues for an NFL team if relocation happens in 2016.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL began issuing requests for proposals to multiple venues in the Los Angeles to potentially provide a home to a team or teams for the 2016 season in the event of relocation, according to Sam Farmer of the LA Times. The league began submitting these requests on Thursday, with the known venues being the Coliseum and Rose Bowl.

The league has confirmed issuing those requests, with vice president of corporate development, Chris Hardart, saying that the NFL is doing its due diligence in an effort "to understand all of our options and have a well thought out plan if a team or teams were to be approved to relocate."

Other potential venues the NFL  could petition include Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium of Anaheim and StubHub Center in Carson, according to UCLA and USC, the primary tenants of the Rose Bowl and Coliseum, hold veto power in regards to sharing the stadiums with potential NFL teams.

As far as which teams could wind up using these temporary venues, the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers are all backing stadium plans in the Los Angeles area. The Rams are proposing a stadium in Inglewood, while the Raiders and Chargers have plans on a shared stadium in Carson.

With an owners meeting scheduled for Aug. 11 to provide an update on the Los Angeles situation, knowing whether there would be a temporary venue is key before things can proceed further. As Farmer notes, this is the furthest the NFL has come in something like this in the past two decades.