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Rise 'n Grind: Russell Wilson isn't worried about his contract

The Seahawks quarterback talked with the media about his contract situation this weekend.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

SIGN RUSSELL WILSON: The Seahawks quarterback opened up about his contract situation this weekend at his mobile quarterback academy in Wisconsin. Watch him speaking about it here. The message: don't panic, Seahawks fans, and don't worry about this Chip Kelly-Russell Wilson together in Philadelphia talk. If anything, maybe you should be more worried about Michael Bennett.

HEROISM: 32 years ago today, Joe Delaney of the Chiefs drowned while trying to save three downing children. A police officer on the scene opened up about it.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN: Sunday was John Elway's 55th birthday. No, he and Herschel Walker aren't going to be suiting up anytime soon, but it's as good of a time time as any to look back at his rookie season.

PHILLY FANS: DeMarco Murray loves Philadelphia fans. Let's check back on that in December.

WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG: It's possible that we could get a verdict on Greg Hardy's 10-game suspension appeal this week. What's taking so long? The NFL is reportedly navigating the finer points of its decision, so as to avoid another loss in federal court.

IMAGE CHANGE: Oh good, the Pouncey brothers have thrown away their "Free Hernandez" hats in an effort to remake their image off the field.

LOS ANGELES DELAYED: Could the NFL stuff its L.A. plans back in the bag for another year? There's some thinking that they could. Speaking of, what is it the Chargers really want in a stadium deal?

THE DEZ SITUATION: Dez Bryant's agent and the Cowboys finally sat down to talk a little turkey, but are they any closer to a new deal and preventing a holdout? Whatever they said, it was enough to make Dez Bryant do a backflip!

AARON RODGERS IS FIGHTING: Not just fighting, the guy is sword fighting ... with his girlfriend.

THE FEUD: Things got really weird on Family Feud when it was NFL players against NFL players.