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Rise 'n Grind: Nothing can stop the NFL's return to Los Angeles

Get used to it, because it's happening. Here's how the NFL will move a team to L.A. in 2016.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

LET'S GO TO LOS ANGELES: Aug. 11. Remember that date: that's when owners (and only owners) are getting together to hash out the particulars of the league's imminent return to Los Angeles. Here's the latest.

EAT FRESH: Fred Smoot, the man who redefined the Okra patch, did another AMA at Reddit on Monday. This time he changed the way you think about Subway.

HE WANTS CHIP: John Moffitt could have more money from the Texans, but he signed with the Eagles instead. (Has anyone told him what Chip Kelly did to Taco Tuesday?)

ALL DAY: Adrian Peterson is not the best running back in the NFL, in spite of his opinion to the contrary.

GOES BOTH WAYS: Is the "12th Man" offensive? Probably. PFT Commenter really makes you think in this week's MMBM, a tour de force of takes, with particular attention reserved for Russell Wilson and his contract.

HOLD UP: Guaranteed money is keeping Russell Wilson and the Seahawks from getting a contract done, according to reports. Is he looking for $25 million per season?

PUNTER WARZ: Eagles center Jason Kelce had some strong words for Giants punter Steve Weatherford, who walked back his comments just a bit.

TACKLE DUMMY: J.J. Watt just wanted to listen to some adult contemporary country pop. But there was an incident that was probably staged, making me wonder just a little if this wasn't just Play60 viral marketing.

WORTH FIGHTING FOR: No, I would not get in a fight over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but some people apparently would!

WON'T GET FINEDMarshawn Lynch was on Conan, diving into Skittles and explaining the consequences of grabbing his "ding dong."


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