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Rise 'n Grind: The NFL's domestic violence policy is being tested again

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Bruce Miller's arrest in March on spousal battery and later plea to disturbing the peace could force the NFL to make a precedent-setting decision.

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GRAY AREA: 49ers fullback Bruce Miller pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace Tuesday after initially being charged with spousal battery by police in March. Miller's fiancée told police that Miller pushed her out of a vehicle, but showed no visible injuries and later denied any physical contact. Still, as David Fucillo at Niners Nation writes, the incident puts the NFL in a tricky situation with respect to the domestic violence policy it enacted in the wake of the Ray Rice case. Miller could earn anywhere from a fine to a six-game suspension from the league office -- "The problem is that the league does not sufficiently clarify what constitutes a first offense. It involves a violation regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault. It does not require a legal conviction, although that obviously would factor into a decision."

NO REGRETS: LeSean McCoy was asked publicly about his comments accusing his former head coach Chip Kelly of racism, but he didn't much want to talk, telling reporters, "I don't need to explain myself to nobody. No, I don't. I said what I said. It's how I felt at the time and I'm done with that." McCoy said he did not regret his claim that Kelly was getting rid of "all the good black players," but reiterated that he did not want to talk about the matter any more.


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PAYDAY: Cam Newton's new contract is huge for more reasons than just money. It's going to have a major impact on the free agent quarterback market, according to SB Nation's Danny Kelly.

IT'LL NEVER WORK: Streaming sports on the Internet for free? Like that'll ever catch on, NFL.

I WANT IT THAAAT WAAAY: Someone caught Mark Sanchez on camera singing Backstreet Boys at karaoke. Sanchez didn't care for the intrusion, but never stopped singing his heart out.

GRONK SURPRISE: Rob Gronkowski spikes a ball at a high school assembly. High-schoolers lose their ever-loving minds.

END IS NIGH: The Patriots are still riding high off the Super Bowl despite the DeflateGate mess, but they can't be good forever.

BAN OTAS: Padless practices have somehow claimed yet another victim. Titans cornerback Brandon Harris is out for the season after suffering a torn ACL on Tuesday.

PICK PLAY: Cian Fahey at Pre Snap Read charted the number of interceptable passes thrown by starting NFL quarterbacks last season. Among the takeaways: Jay Cutler may not have been as bad as you thought. Cutler threw 24 interceptable passes -- fewer than nine other quarterbacks including Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Andrew Luck. He also had eight interceptions that were not his fault, which led the league according to Fahey.

FOCUSED: Ra'Shede Hageman is looking leaner and more ferocious for the Falcons, and that may have a lot to do with the team's new coaching staff.

HAMSTRUNG: The Chiefs are relying on Albert Wilson to be a strong No. 2 receiver in a revamped receiving corps, but he's being bothered by a hamstring injury in OTAs.

NO EXCUSES: Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman went on Good Morning America to talk about his new book and how he handles being a hearing-impaired player in the NFL.

RISKY BUSINESS: The Rams have, curiously, restructured some of their contracts with vendors and employees to end February, 2016. Curious, because Feb. 15, 2016 is the NFL's deadline to submit a relocation bid. The Rams (of course) said that the two are not related.

RECONSTRUCTION: The interior of the Patriots' offensive line was gutted this offseason. Here's how they *hope* to fix the problem.

RUN ROOKIE RUN: After failing to settle on a running back in 2014, the Jaguars will be handing the keys to rookie T.J. Yeldon in 2014.

DESPERATE TIMES: The Broncos will be relying on Ryan Harris to fill in at right tackle after Ryan Clady's injury forced rookie Ty Sambrailo to the top of the depth chart on the left side.

INDY-PENDENCE: The Colts have now officially been an Indianapolis team longer than they were a Baltimore team.