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Rise 'n Grind: Tom Brady is too famous for Boston's most exclusive club

Even Boston's most exclusive clubs don't want him as a member now.

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

TOO FAMOUS: Tom Brady and his wife want to join The Country Club, one of those super exclusive places where rich white people play golf (this club didn't admit a black member until 1994!). The club isn't so sure it'll let Brady join because of the attention he brings. Poor guy will just have to be satisfied with his places in Los Angeles, New York, Europe, etc.

GUNSLINGER: Brett Favre thinks he can still play football. Hey, the Bills could use a quarterback ... Of course, Jim Kelly is apparently still throwing the ball pretty well too.


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MARY JANE: The NFL has a double standard on drugs. More and more players are using marijuana to cope with injuries, but the league doesn't allow it. The NFL does allow teams to dispense dangerous and highly addictive opioid painkillers though.

THE NEXT BROWNS QB: What if Russell Wilson played for the Browns ... or any other NFL team? Would he be as good as he is in Seattle? Wilson was talking about his contract on the air again Tuesday. More importantly, he also talked about Ciara.

POWER LUNCH: Dean Spanos and Mark Davis met with the mayor of Los Angeles this week. Wait, why were the owners of the Chargers and Raiders, who are attached to a stadium plan in Carson, talking to the mayor of L.A.? Could it have to do with yet another stadium option in that city?

PLATOON SITUATION: Will the Bills use a platoon at quarterback this season? Even more frightening perhaps, will they make Tyrod Taylor their starter?

OVERLOOKED: You can make a solid argument that Broncos legendary running back Terrell Davis should have been in this year's Hall of Fame class with Jerome Bettis.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The Atlanta Falcons turned 50 yesterday. Did you get them anything?

SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT: The NFL announced this week that the supplemental draft will be held on July 9.

HOW MUCH IS HE WORTH: The Colts are going to have to strike a deal with T.Y. Hilton soon. How much will his contract extension be worth?