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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Predicting the next big NFL news dump

It's the offseason, but Stephen White, Danny Kelly and PFT Commenter ponder what kind of news the NFL is going to surprise us with this week. Also, a theory as to why a person might actually need to steal underwear.

Yes, it is July. There was some confusion about that on this week's episode of the Family Hour. To be fair, the days just run together during the offseason, but we still had plenty to talk about on this week's show with our esteemed panel of Danny Kelly, Stephen White, PFT Commenter and myself.

Here's what we covered this week on the Internet's only NFL podcast:

  • How much money is Russell Wilson really worth?
  • Buffalo's exciting quarterback competition.
  • Maybe Brett Favre is the answer.
  • Mark Brunell is crying about RG3 now.
  • DeSean Jackson kind of has a fair point about the Eagles.
  • There may be a good excuse for stealing underwear.
  • Which NFL personalities who deserve their own TV show.
  • NEWS DUMP! What headlines is the NFL going to drop on us this Friday afternoon when we should be buying beer and fireworks instead????

Just an outstanding football talking program from start to finish. You can also get us on iTunes, if that's your kind of thing.

*May not be the web's only NFL podcast.