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Bills OL coach Aaron Kromer placed on paid leave after arrest for allegedly punching minor

Aaron Kromer was charged with battery with intent to cause bodily harm after his arrest early Sunday morning.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with battery with intent to cause bodily harm, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. Rapoport tweeted out Kromer's arrest sheet from the Walton County Jail in Florida, where Kromer was booked, and later released on bond, after allegedly punching his neighbor's juvenile son.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office issued a press release with more details on the allegations:

When they arrived deputies spoke to the caller and learned three boys had been fishing on the beach when the suspect, later identified as Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer, and the suspect’s son confronted them over the use of beach chairs left by a beach access.

Victim’s told deputies Kromer grabbed their fishing pole and threw the pole into the water and then pushed one of the boys to the ground and punched him in the face. It was stated Kromer then told the boys to return the chairs to where they found them.

The victim stated Kromer also told him if he reported him to the police he would kill his family.

A source who spoke with Alex Marvez of FOX Sports defended Kromer, saying that the coach was being threatened and had trouble seeing the victims.

"It was dark out. He couldn't see the people," the source said. "The kids were belligerent and threatened him. Bottom line, they stole his property and he couldn't identify them because it was dark out and they threatened him."

The sheriff's office said that more charges could be filed after its investigation concludes. The Bills announced Tuesday that they have decided to place Kromer on paid administrative leave "in accordance with the league's Personal Conduct Policy while we continue to work our way through the investigative process with the league."

As part of the NFL's latest personal conduct policy, violations involving assault or battery of any kind will result in a baseline six-game suspension for first offenses. More games can be added to the suspension for "aggravating factors." In addition, anyone charged with a violent crime can be placed on paid leave until an NFL investigation is completed.

Kromer is notable for criticizing Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler last season when he was the team's offensive coordinator, saying Cutler "absolutely killed" the Bears with his poor decision-making on the field. This was in the wake of the Bears getting a lot of flak over the massive contract that was given to Cutler. Kromer wound up making a tearful apology for his comments.

After the end of the regular season, the Bears overhauled their coaching staff, and Kromer was one of the people fired from the team. New Bills head coach Rex Ryan brought Kromer along as their offensive line coach just a few weeks later. Kromer also spent time with the New Orleans Saints and served as interim head coach for six games in 2012, when multiple coaches were suspended as part of the bounty scandal.


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