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We'll know which NFL team(s) are moving to Los Angeles soon

Rise and grind with a heaping helping of NFL news on your Monday morning.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"GRAND BARGAIN" ON L.A.: We'll know which team(s) are moving to Los Angeles this fall -- the league will at any rate --when the window to apply for relocation gets bumped up from January. But which team will it be? Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times has some predictions about the process. Farmer also reveals that the Chargers "got far down the road" in negotiations to play at the L.A. Coliseum last year.

AARON KROMER ASSAULT: Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is in trouble for assaulting a minor over some beach chairs. He may have been "threatened," but why not call the police like most rational people would do? The NFL's personal conduct policy is supposed to apply to coaches and other employees the same as it does players; now, we'll see if that holds true or not.


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POOR ANDY: Andy Dalton can't even go to a celebrity softball game in Cincinnati without getting booed.

MCNABB SUSPENDED: Fox Sports suspended Donovan McNabb after his latest DUI arrest.

UGLY SHIRTS: Everyone hates the Buccaneers uniforms.

EMOTIONAL IMPACT: Yes, apparently there's an emotional part of the recovery that comes with losing a finger. Ronnie Lott has some advice for Jason Pierre-Paul.

DEFLATEGATE: Does DeflateGate matter? If you're a Steelers fan it does.

PAY THE MAN: Should the Broncos pay Demaryius Thomas a deal along the lines of what Calvin Johnson makes? The deadline to sign franchised players to a long-term deal is Wednesday, July 15.

THE "C" WORD: Are the Broncos and Cowboys conspiring over the contracts for Thomas and Dez Bryant? The NFLPA wants to know if there's some collusion going there.

DYNAMIC DUO: Do the Chiefs have the best pass-rushing duo in the NFL?

TRAINING CAMP TIME: Ugh, when does training camp start?