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What's going on with Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas & the rest of the NFL's franchised 5?

Demaryius Thomas and Justin Houston appear to be the only ones talking about new deals with their teams. What gives? Contract talk, a San Diego stadium update and more in a fun-filled Tuesday Rise 'n Grind.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

ONE MORE DAY: Five players got the franchise tag this year. So far, none of the five have agreed to long-term contract extensions with their teams ahead of the Wednesday, July 15, 4 p.m. ET deadline to do so.

SUSPENDED: Free agent cornerback Jarrett Bush, recently of the Packers, got a surprise yesterday: a four-game suspension.

WIN NOW: Jaguars players and fans love Gus Bradley and what he's done there. But it's time to start winning games.

MOVE FASTER: The NFL offered San Diego some advice: move faster. The league reportedly says that the city needs to have made significant progress on an environmental impact report for a proposed stadium by August or it's too late to keep the Chargers. That's either a positive sign for the team staying or a goalpost moved so that it's impossible to hit.

HOT TICKETS: Chargers tickets are selling like hotcakes. Sales are up 13 percent and a number of games are already sold out. Compare that to St. Louis, where ticket sales have fallen off more than 10 percent from last year.

RED ZONE REDMAN: The Steelers kind of screwed running back Isaac Redman, who wanted to keep playing football after he suffered what turned out to be a career-ending injury. Behind the Steel Curtain caught up with Redman this week.

TRADEMARK: Chip Kelly should think about hiring RG3's trademark lawyer before Notre Dame borrows another one of his expressions.

TALLEY PROGRESSING: Good news about Bills great Darryl Talley.

THE BEST: Which team has the best receivers in the NFC West? Do the Steelers have the best inside linebackers in the NFL? Is the best pass-rushing duo in Kansas City?

SUMMER OF WATT: J.J. Watt got to meet his ultimate celebrity crush.

MANIPULATION: A little something for the Xs and Os crowd, Field Gulls breaks down how to manipulate a defense with your head and shoulders.

ROOKIE PROJECTION: If Marcus Mariota puts up these kinds of numbers for the Titans as a rookie, it'll be a successful start to his NFL career.

RUMOR MILL: Tired of the same old offseason rumor? Now you can create your own with a little help from our random ridiculous rumor generator!