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Tom Brady will appeal to federal court if NFL doesn't overturn DeflateGate suspension

Brady will reportedly take the NFL to federal court if his appeal results in any suspension.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady and the NFLPA are prepared to take his appeal to a federal court if his appeal to the NFL results in any suspension due to DeflateGate, according to Ryan Smith of ABC News.

The New England Patriots quarterback was given a four-game suspension in May after an independent investigation done by the NFL concluded that it was "more probable than not" that Brady was aware of a plan to slightly deflate game balls before the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts. Brady previously spoke in an interviews about his preference of slightly deflated balls to throw.


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Brady's appeal to the NFL ended in June, but the league's decision still hasn't been announced. Overseeing as arbitrator, despite requests from the NFLPA of a recusal, was Roger Goodell, which wouldn't appear to be a favorable situation for Brady at face value.

If Brady does take the matter to federal court, he wouldn't be the first NFL player to do so. In February, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson won an appeal of his indefinite suspension in front of a U.S. district judge and received reinstatement after losing his appeal to the NFL of the punishment in December.

Dallas Cowboys pass rusher Greg Hardy is also reportedly considering an appeal to a federal court of his suspension, despite having it reduced last week from 10 games to four.

Brady has been the opening day starter for the Patriots for the past 13 seasons after earning the starting job early in the 2001 season. If he is unavailable for the team's opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Patriots will instead turn to 2014 second round pick, Jimmy Garoppolo, to take over.

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