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Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have less than 2 weeks to get a deal done

Sure, it's a soft deadline, but it looks more and more like we'll have to wait until 2016 to see what happens between Wilson and the Seahawks. Plus, lots more cool NFL content for a hot July day.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

WILSON'S DEADLINE: There's no hard deadline for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to get a contract done this year. However, both sides have reportedly imposed a soft deadline of July 30, when training camp starts. If they don't get a deal by then, the headache will continue into 2016.

KIND OF A BIG DEAL: The Steelers re-upped Cameron Heyward with a six-year, $59.2 million deal. It makes the defensive end the second-highest paid player on the team behind Ben Roethlisberger.

SLIMED: Russell Wilson got slimed last night, and, no, that doesn't mean Skip Bayless was critiquing his quarterback play.

MISLEADING: Chargers team president Mark Fabiani is having some trouble getting his story straight about the team's stadium efforts in Los Angeles over the last two years.

CHEERLEADERS: California passed a law earlier this week granting NFL cheerleaders the same worker protections as other full employees, i.e. the right to minimum wage, sick leave, etc. Teams typically classify cheerleaders as contract workers so they can pay them less, a lot less, than a regular employee.

POCKET PASSER: Kurt Warner shared his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense, offering the usual advice for the young quarterback, but he kind of has a good point.

CONNOLLY RETIRES: Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly decided to call it a career, citing health concerns atop a list of reasons for the decision. His retirement shouldn't have too big of an effect on the team's fortunes this year.

GLENNON STILL A BUC: Why didn't the Buccaneers trade Mike Glennon this spring?

OWNED: Deion Sanders is better at lip syncing than Justin Bieber.

CAP NUMBERS: Justin Houston's deal has a long-term impact on the Chiefs' cap situation. And here's a look at how Dez Bryant's deal will impact the Cowboys salary cap going forward.

EVAN MATHIS WATCH: Remember Evan Mathis, the well regarded lineman dumped by the Eagles earlier this summer? He still hasn't signed anywhere, but there's a reason for that.


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