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Rise 'n Grind: Marcus Mariota and the Titans reportedly can't agree on surfing

Is Mariota's contract being held up over another sport?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

GOING SURFING: Marcus Mariota is the only first-round pick who hasn't signed a contract yet. It might be because he wants to go surfing ... seriously.

BE NICE TO ROGER: Is ESPN putting the screws to Keith Olbermann because he's critical of the NFL commissioner?

FAIR MARKET VALUE: How much is Justin Houston worth to the Chiefs? A lot. The two sides have until July 15 to agree to a new contract extension for the franchised pass rusher, and he could be looking at a deal that would put him in the same neighborhood as what Alex Smith makes.

SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT: The July draft is always a risk for teams, but sometimes there's a player available that could fill a massive void for a team. In other words, the Broncos have a big question to ask themselves ahead of July 9.


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SMEAR CAMPAIGN: DeSean Jackson still harbors a grudge for Chip Kelly and the Eagles. He said on his reality show this week that his former team "tried to blow him up" with a "smear campaign" after releasing him in 2014. He's actually not entirely wrong on this.

MAD MEN: Cam Newton is basically the next Don Draper.

STILL THE ONE: Jim Harbaugh doesn't even coach in the NFL anymore, but he's still one of the most fascinating -- and weird -- people associated with the league.

SORRY, DAN: President Obama threw up a roadblock to Dan Snyder's possible intentions of putting a new stadium in the District of Columbia for his NFL team.

SUPER BOWL MOMENT: Watch Patriots players relive Malcolm Butler's dramatic Super Bowl interception.

DRAFT GURLEY: Rookie running back Todd Gurley is considered by some to be the best fantasy option on the Rams roster. But what about his knee injury?

WILLING TO RELOCATE: If you want to work for the Chargers, you have to be willing to move to Los Angeles, at least that's what the team's job descriptions say.