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Is the NFL going to decide Tom Brady's fate this week?

It's looking more and more like DeflateGate will be resolved this week, but that probably won't be the end of it anyway. We're also honoring Brett Favre this morning and lots, lots more NFL news.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DEFLATEGATE: [Gronk air horn] It's all coming down this week ... probably, maybe. A lot of people outside the NFL offices want to see Tom Brady's suspension lifted. (Even if that means those deflated balls may not be worth $40,000.) If the suspension doesn't get lifted entirely, it sounds like Brady and Co. are going to sue, thanks to a well-timed leak to the press ahead of rumors of a possible decision last week.


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GUNSLINGER RETURNS: Green Bay finally honored Brett Favre this weekend. The Ol' Gunslinger was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame, and Acme Packing Company was in the stands for the event. We found some excellent photos of fans at the event too.

NO URGENCY: Philip Rivers appears to be just fine with playing out his contract year with the Chargers. Does that mean he'll not be back in powder blue in 2016?

WAYNE: Speaking of legends, the Packers could be interested in free agent receiver Reggie Wayne. The Patriots have also been linked to him. The Texans might be in the mix too.

BEATING THE CURSE: History says DeMarco Murray is due to struggle this season. But can he reverse that trend? Reggie Bush of the 49ers offered his opinion on another one of those running back curses.

PETERSON: Expectations for Adrian Peterson's return to the field are high. Maybe too high?

SEEKING A TIGHT END: The Saints offered free agent TE Jermaine Gresham a contract. He's visiting with the Cardinals this week.

NEW STADIUM: The Bills are going to want a new stadium, eventually, but there's been no progress so far.

THE GRITTY FEW: Pack your lunchpail and come celebrate the league's grittiest offensive role players, from the fullbacks to the blocking tight ends who make a unit run.