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This is why the Cleveland Browns are still terrible

There's tension between key members of the Browns' top brass that goes beyond those text messages to the sideline. Meanwhile, Sam Bradford is betting on himself, the NFL is almost as rich as Donald Trump thinks he is and so much more from the pro football soap opera.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

BROWN OUT: Breaking news ... the Browns are still a mess. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland pulls back the curtain to reveal the latest casualty in the tug of war between head coach Mike Pettine and general manager Ray Farmer. This time, it's over the role of player engagement director Jamil Northcutt, who was recently let go. Unwelcome text messages, sideline confrontations and more juicy drama suggests that fixing their issues on the field is only part of what's holding the Browns back under owner Jimmy Haslam. Head over to Dawgs By Nature to follow all the fun.

BRADFORD BETS ON HIMSELF: Sam Bradford will play out the final year of his mega rookie contract, for the handsome sum of $13 million, rather than negotiate a new deal with the Eagles. It could be a very profitable move ... or a disastrous one.


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GET MONEY: The NFL made more money in 2014 than every single Steven Spielberg movie ever (Roger Goodell would totally suspend E.T. for four games, just because.) We know this thanks to the Packers' financial report.

DEFLATEGATE DECISION: It's coming, probably this week. There's a chance Roger Goodell could overturn Tom Brady's four-game suspension. But here's what's more likely to happen.

RATED ROOKIES: Bears wide receiver Kevin White could barely contain himself after he saw his Madden rating. Sammie Coates of the Steelers was not amused.

HUNTER ARRESTED: People were predicting a breakout season from Titans receiver Justin Hunter. Now he's being held without bond in Virginia Beach for an alleged assault.

TRUMP'S PATRIOTS?: Just think, the Patriots could have been owned by Donald Trump.

RELUCTANT JAGUARS: The NFL would like to have the Jaguars "host" the Packers next season in London, as part of the team's deal with the league to play games in the UK. The team's owner is said to be fighting the league on this one.

SOME BATTLE: Could AJ McCarron unseat Andy Dalton as the Bengals' starting quarterback? Would it even matter?

CLOWNEY COMIN': The latest report on Jadeveon Clowney's rehab is, um, very positive.

GOING CAMPING: The Steelers start training camp this Saturday. Football time is almost here!!!!

THE ATL: What are Matthew Stafford and the Lions' offense doing in Atlanta?