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Is it really too late for RG3?

Offseason rankings and insider whispers have not been kind to Washington's preeminent personal sports brand. But is Griffin really getting a fair shake? Also, Brady settlement talks, silver medals, contracts, training camp previews and more!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

WHAT ABOUT RG3?: Washington's quarterback has taken another round of blistering hits, this time from the various quarterback ranking lists. Is it really too late to salvage his career? Is all of the criticism warranted?

NFC EAST TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW: Until last year, the Cowboys hadn't won their division since 2009. Now, they're the favorites to do it again. Don't sleep on the Eagles though, if Chip Kelly's plan, whatever it is, works. Could Washington be better than we think it will be? And do the Giants have something to latch your hopes onto besides Odell Beckham Jr? We'll get our first hints at answers when training camp starts next week.

BRADY SETTLEMENT TALKS: The NFL and Tom Brady have talked about finding a way to settle the appeal of his four-game suspension, PFT reports, mostly out of fear that his case will get overturned when it eventually lands in Federal court. However, Roger Goodell has a cabal of owners reportedly pressuring him to hold firm on Brady's punishment.

SILVER MEDAL: Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin will have a good story when he reports for training camp next week, specifically about how he won a silver medal in the long jump.

DEALIN': The Seahawks and linebacker Bobby Wagner are working to get a contract extension done before training camp starts. You have to wonder if wrapping up a deal with Wagner lets them get on with the business of making Russell Wilson a very, very rich man.

ON THE TABLE: Seattle may already have an offer out to Wilson, perhaps even a "very fair" one, if Mike Holmgren is to be believed.

CHRIS COOLEY: Does anyone need a so-so tight end well past the expiration date of his career? Anyone? If you know someone, have them call Chris Cooley.

INJURIES MOUNT: Rookies reported in Cleveland on Wednesday, and the team added three of them to the injury list.

PITTSBURGH SUPER BOWL: There have been hints lately that Pittsburgh could eventually host a Super Bowl. Even Steelers fans say that's a bad idea.

BURFICT BACK: Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict has been at Paul Brown Field working out already. He also returned to Twitter.

EXPEDITED CHALLENGE: San Diego's efforts to build a stadium there have encountered yet another hurdle, this one a potential legal challenge to the expedited environmental impact review.

COMPARATIVE COACHING: Jed York, the ego that runs the 49ers, offered up another take on replacing Jim Harbaugh with Jim Tomsula, this time comparing the move to the Golden State Warriors bringing in Steve Kerr.