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Cops disciplined after wrongfully accusing Raiders safety Nate Allen of masturbating in his car

Nate Allen intends to sue after being detained "for hours" before being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Multiple Fort Myers police officers were punished for their involvement in the arrest and detainment of Oakland Raiders defensive back Nate Allen back in February, according to Michael Braun of Allen was held for hours on Feb. 16 after being wrongly accused of masturbating in his vehicle.

Allen was cleared of any wrongdoing on March 12 after an investigation into his arrest and detainment launched in late February. Allen has notified the city of Fort Myers and its police department that he intends to sue over the incident.

According to the report, one officer was given a one-week suspension for failing to properly investigate a crime and falsely arresting Allen. Another was given a three-day suspension for failing to investigate when called to assist a road patrol. A third officer was ordered to undergo written counseling for failing to check on Allen once every half hour during his detainment.

Finally, a fourth officer was given a written reprimand for "failing to interpret the Florida statute regarding lewd and lascivious arrest." Police Chief Doug Baker says the officers misinterpreted the statute -- the alleged crime was treated as a felony when it should have been a misdemeanor.

Allen is reportedly scheduled to hold a press conference to address the matter on Friday.