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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Let's get ready for NFL training camp!

This week, Stephen, Danny and RVB discuss Adrian Peterson's new-ish contract, the latest DeflateGate, the Titans wising up and signing Marcus Mariota, negotiating your own contract and how we're getting ready for training camp.

NFL training camps start this week! Good thing the Internet's only NFL podcast* is here to help you get ready. Stephen White, Danny Kelly and RVB look ahead to camp, what they're watching and who they're looking forward to seeing on the field.

On this week's show ...

  • Adrian Peterson has a new deal and is friends with the Vikings again.
  • The Titans decided they did in fact want to have a franchise quarterback.
  • We talk about the Tom Brady stuff, because we're kind of required to.
  • Should you negotiate your own contract?
  • TRAINING CAMP: Stephen breaks it down from the player perspective; how to cut through the flowery camp reports; what kinds of things to look for; and who we're excited to see on the field this year.

Just an outstanding football talking program from start to finish. You can also get us on iTunes, if that's your kind of thing.

*May not be the web's only NFL podcast.