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The NFL is going to take better care of its balls

Roger Goodell's quick twitch reaction to public opinion is truly elite. Plus, camps are starting, Shady's changing his party plans, the Colts are trying to walk away from another bad player signing and MORE!

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CHANGE OF COURSE: After talk that ball handling procedures would not be changed in the wake of DeflateGate, the NFL reversed course this week, albeit quietly.

COLTS MAKE A CUT: Indianapolis released right tackle Gosder Cherilus, two years after making him the highest paid right tackle in the NFL with a $35 million contract. It clears up $8.1 million in cap space over the next two years, while leaving them with $8.7 million in dead money to remind everyone about another one of Ryan Grigson's questionable moves as the team's GM.


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SHADY'S PARTY: After his attempt to have what may or may not have been a creepy Eyes Wide Shut sexy party went awry for all the reasons you expected it would, Bills running back LeSean McCoy changed his plans and opened it up to everyone, even Chip Kelly.

LET SYDNEY SPEAK: Chargers fans are mad about the Hall of Fame's ridiculous rule that won't let Junior Seau's daughter, or anyone else, speak when he's enshrined next month. "But it's the rule," isn't a good enough excuse, either.

GREAT MOMENTS IN MELTDOWNS: Junior Galette and his girlfriend, or at least someone claiming to be them, decided to sound off about the Saints team on Twitter this week, and -- WOOOOOOOOO! -- it's a doozy of a rant. You'll just have to read it. Galette apparently wasn't a very popular guy in the locker room. "He stayed focused long enough to get paid then the real Junior came out," said one former teammate.

FOOTBALL PRACTICE: The Vikings opened training camp with some surprise offensive line shuffling. The Steelers also opened camp this weekend. Antonio Brown arrived in a black and gold Rolls Royce Phantom.

STICKING POINTS: Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are talking, but they're reportedly hung up on the signing bonus and guaranteed money in the deal. One deal was said to average $21 million per year, but the guaranteed money was less than what Cam Newton, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan got in their deals.

BASH THE TROLLS: Let James Harrison show you how to deal with a Patriots fan going trolling.

JAMAAL CHARLES REFLECTS: Take a few minutes to watch the Chiefs running back reflect on overcoming disability. Awesome speech.

KICKER KONTRACT: The Vikings signed kicker Blair Walsh to a four-year contract extension.

CAMP GRUDEN: Johnny Manziel spent time with Jon Gruden during the offseason in hopes of getting his career back on track.

LOBBYISTS: Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Colts owner Jim Irsay were said to be pushing commissioner Roger Goodell to stand firm on his punishment for Tom Brady. Hmmm. Wonder why? Bisciotti denied it.

HEALTHY BRADFORD: Chip Kelly believes Sam Bradford can stay healthy, something other people have been saying every year since 2010, but Coach Science says he has the stats that back him up.