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NFL, Tom Brady in settlement talks after all, according to report

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Brady is unlikely to accept any settlement that would include a suspension, according to a FOX Sports report.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Less than a week after it was reported that a settlement offer from Tom Brady was met with "silence" from the NFL, that has apparently changed. The league and the NFL Players Association are now engaging in settlement talks, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.

Brady is currently waiting for the ruling on his appeal of a four-game suspension he received for his involvement in DeflateGate. While he previously planned to take the NFL to federal court if any suspension still existed after the appeal ruling, a settlement with the NFL could change that.

According to Garafolo, getting Brady to agree to a settlement that includes a suspension will be difficult. Brady maintains his innocence, and will likely hope to reach a settlement that features fines instead of a suspension.

If a settlement isn't reached and commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't wipe out Brady's suspension, a federal lawsuit would likely be Brady's next step, meaning the end of the DeflateGate saga would still be far on the horizon.

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