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There's a woman in NFL coaching now

Good morning! This is your daily roundup of NFL stuff.

welter47, Instagram

WHO RUN THE WORLD: Jen Welter is the name of the former indoor football running back who has a Ph.D. in psychology and is now an Arizona Cardinals preseason coaching intern. She's likely the first woman to hold an NFL coaching position of any kind, and this is all good and fine. (Guess what? The NBA could have a woman as a head coach soon too.)

The Cards might've forecasted this move, with head coach Bruce Arians saying months ago that he'd hire a woman if it meant making his players better.

ALL-MADDEN: EA Sports is trickling out player ratings, because this is July and that is the sport's most vital commodity until training camp Instagrams arrive. Here is the best possible offensive starting 11, captained by Aaron Rodgers.


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THE ROAD TO RUSSELLMANIA: Why the Seahawks QB is likely to sign this week.

SUSPEND TOM BRADY FOR 240 RANDOM MINUTES: PFT Commenter sees an opportunity for Roger Goodell to exploit negotiations with the Patriots QB.

MORE LIKE JUNIOR GA-LOT-OF-MONEY-GONE: How the departing Saints pass rusher went from a $41 million contract, like, six minutes ago to the junk pile.

NOW WATCH ME JJ: Watt's still trying to figure out how to dance, this time with the help of a precious bunch of children.

RETIRING: Osi Umenyiora, with a one-day contract as a New York Giant, and Jonathan Martin, but it's not even the 49ers' fault!

JOSH FOOTBALL: McCown opens camp as the Browns starter, but count Johnny Manziel out of anything and you might end up looking like that Duke Blue Devil he jumped over that one time.

TODAY'S SIGN THE NFC SOUTH IS BAD: "Falcons given 18th-best playoff odds by new Harvard study, best in the NFC South," reads headline.

TAMBA HALI BUYS DRONES. Tamba Hali buys drones.

ANOTHER THING FOR PATS FANS TO NOT PANIC ABOUT: Dominique Easley, the team's 2014 first-round gamble with massive upside.

NEW PACKERS THROWBACKS? One Internet detective might've spotted some Nike goodness.

EARTH'S NFL TEAM: Washington confused itself and claimed the entirety of humanity, plus some undrafted free agent beings, read its website.