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Tom Brady is not going to take Roger Goodell's crap anymore

Brady is not happy with the NFL and its shady discipline process. We know because he said so. There's also some NFL news NOT related to DeflateGate, so here's your chance to get all caught up on things.

CELL PHONE TRUTHER: Tom Brady maintained his innocence and blasted the NFL in a statement posted to his Facebook page on Wednesday morning. More importantly, he disputed Roger Goodell's claims about what happened to his cell phone and his willingness to share the phone records.

BUSTED MEME: Brady's claim about his cell phone might mean the end of the #Bradying meme ... or not.


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IT'S A "SHAM": Surprise, Brady's agent doesn't agree with the decision, and neither do the Patriots. And, yes, they're going to court over it, which could give Brady his best chance to get on the field for Week 1 and beat the rap entirely.

PREPARED: The Patriots have their first training camp practice scheduled for Thursday, and they're preparing as if Brady will be on the field when the season opens.


SUSPENSION REDUCED: The NFL wasn't all scrooge on Tuesday. Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell got his suspension reduced to two games.

GOOD NEWS: Chiefs safety Eric Berry beat Lymphoma and is back in uniform for the Chiefs.

BAD NEWS: The Chiefs did get some bad news yesterday. DT Dontari Poe had back surgery that will cause him to miss training camp and possibly some time in the regular season. It could be a big deal for the Chiefs.

GURLEY CLEARED: Rams running back Todd Gurley was cleared to practice, and he'll start training camp on the active roster. He may want to reconsider when he sees the Rams offensive line.

STADIUM TALK: Is hope for a new stadium in San Diego dead?

DISAPPOINTMENT: The Giants aren't real happy about not getting to see fireworks enthusiast Jason Pierre-Paul.

NEW DUDS: The Packers have a new alternate jersey.

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