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Rise 'n Grind: Ranking the latest round of NFL suspensions

Four suspensions in one day! Does Goodell have any hammers left to drop? And which teams are hurt the most by the latest round of player discipline? Plus, a heaping helping of news!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

SUSPENSIONS! The NFL handed out four suspensions on Thursday afternoon, which means you got to cash in big if your money was on player discipline in the holiday weekend news dump betting pool. But wait! The league might not be done doling out punishments ahead of Independence Day.

Here's who got the hammer dropped on them, ranked in order of how they affect their team:

1. Antonio Gates: The Chargers tight end got four games for a PED violation, which he ingested accidentally, according to his own statement.

2. Sheldon Richardson: Richardson was the second-best 3-4 defensive lineman in the league last season, behind J.J. Watt. Losing him for four games is a huge blow for the Jets. It means rookie Leonard Williams will see plenty of playing time to start the season. And how does this change the contract standoff with Mo Wilkerson?

3. Rolando McClain: He was already facing a four-game fine, now it's a four-game suspension. This indicates that he probably failed a fourth test. McClain was an important part of the surprising Cowboys defense last season, but the Cowboys have insurance for the middle linebacker spot.

4. Datone Jones: A first-round pick in 2013, Jones has been a non-essential rotation guy on the defensive line. His one-game suspension will keep him out against the Bears in Week 1.

In non-discipline news ...

A DIFFERENT WORLD: Have you ever wanted to live like an NFL owner? Now you can get a taste of the good life, for a mere $65 million.

RUSSELL WILSON CONTRACT: Maybe he really is willing to play for $1.5 million per season, or maybe he wants to try his hand at Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners.

IT'S OKAY TO SURF: Surfing isn't keeping Marcus Mariota and the Titans from signing a contract after all. Nope, it's just your run of the mill disagreement over offset language. Message to the Titans: don't be cheap here, you need this guy.

SEXY CHARLIE: Charlie Whitehurst looks like he's having a really good time in Cannes.

FROM THE GENERAL: Famous Civil War general Andrew Luck penned a letter to his dearest Abigail with some thoughts on the Fourth of July ... and amputation.

DEZ DEAL: There's some buzz that the Cowboys and Dez Bryant are close on a new contract that could be announced as soon as next week.

FIT AS A FIDDLE: Chip Kelly got a lot of crap for eliminating Taco Tuesday at the Eagles' practice facility, but guess whose team has been the healthiest over the last two seasons?

RED RECORDS: Andy Dalton is approaching another impressive regular season record ... emphasis on regular season here.


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