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Junior Galette seems like the perfect match for Washington

Because things are already so stable in Washington, they're kicking the tires on Junior Galette. Plus, the latest on DeflateGate and all the news you need to know from training camp.

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HOSTING GALETTE: You know it's just a matter of time until some team signs locker room pal Junior Galette. He's visiting Washington today.

BRADY FILES: The NFLPA filed suit against the NFL in a Minnesota federal court on Wednesday evening. Among the arguments the union is making on behalf of Brady is that the NFL has no power to suspend him based on what the league called his lack of cooperation. That's one of four arguments they're making.


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BROKEN TRUST: Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke to the media on Wednesday morning, before the start of training camp, and let's just say that things are going to be awkward next time he can Goodell get together.

CAMP REPORT: Everyday, we're recapping the highlights and news from training camps. Wednesday's camp report has the latest holdout talk in Seattle, Aaron Rodgers' status with the Packers and more. Of course, you could just watch this video everyday until the end of training camp for your camp report.

ANOTHER APPEAL: Cowboys pass rusher Greg Hardy might get his day in court, again. The NFLPA is considering appealing his four-game suspension, recently reduced from 10 games.

BELIEVE THE HYPE: Most players fail to live up to the training camp hype. Not DeAndre Hopkins, Houston's next superstar.

WILSON WATCH: Still no deal between the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Did you know that he's very good playing in the winter too? He's got passer rating of 100 and a 12-2 record during the month of December.

KERRIGAN SIGNS: Washington did sign a pass rusher this week, inking Ryan Kerrigan to a $57.5 million contract extension on Wednesday.

STADIUM DEADLINE: San Diego is giving the Chargers a deadline for making their commitment to staying the city.

NOT WORKING: There are rumblings that the Raiders are already down on Trent Richardson. Of course, that could be a motivational tactic leaked to the press, but it's something to watch when they start camp.

TEBOW WATCH: At least one Eagles player thinks Tim Tebow will make the final roster. If he does, he'll be part of an Eagles team expected to challenge Dallas for the NFC East title.

BAD DEALS: Remember that free agent your team signed that was totally going to make a huge difference for them? Grantland's Bill Barnwell released his annual bad contracts team, which is always one of my favorite things to read at the start of training camp.

NEED A GLENNON: Does your team need Buccaneers backup quarterback Mike Glennon? Take our handy quiz and find out!