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Seahawks, Russell Wilson might be closing in on a new contract

There's optimism that Seattle's quarterback might have a new contract before Monday. Plus, new domestic violence training, camp reports and more.

WILSON DEALING: The self-imposed deadline for the Seahawks and Russell Wilson to finalize a new contract is at 1:30 p.m. ET on Friday. That's probably not going to happen, but could they still get a deal done before Monday? Seattle would be wise to lock him now, before his rates go up. Plus, he's had a powerful effect on the fanbase there.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINING: The NFL is rolling out a new one-hour training session for players this year. The focus is still domestic violence, but the child abuse portion from last year has been replaced with a piece on drunk driving.


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TRAINING CAMP REPORT: Thursday's training camp report had good news for Marcus Mariota, bad news for the Ravens and more.

HOLDOUTS: Michael Bennett showed up to camp with the Seahawks, in spite of talk that he might hold out for more money. Kam Chancellor, who also wants more money, still hasn't reported to camp. Cowboys defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey is holding out, too, for some reason.

TONE IT DOWN: The lucky federal judge assigned to the DeflateGate case told both sides to ease up on the public back-and-forth business.

PATS FANS GO CRAZY: No court could hold back a mob of Patriots fans stampeding into training camp yesterday. PFT Commenter breaks down the film of some of the grittiest folks in football. There were some Jets fans at Patriots camp, too.

BRADY THE RECEIVER: Watch Tom Brady make a one-handed touchdown catch in Thursday's practice.

BAD TIMING: On Thursday, the Jets and the rest of the world learned all about Sheldon Richardson's summer arrest for street racing. He also had a kid and a gun in the car. His comments after practice, before the arrest news broke, were just perfect.

KICKING BUTTS: DeMarcus Ware is kicking people's butts in Denver, even his own teammates.

FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE: The latest episode of The Onside Kick Family Hour, SB Nation's NFL podcast, is here, covering everything from the impact of Dontari Poe's injury to the Steelers and Le'Veon Bell to almost dying in an airplane.

JOHNNY FOOTBALL PRACTICE: The Browns started camp this week, and you know what that means: a complete analysis of everything Johnny Manziel did at practice.

GIANT RECEIVER NEWS: The Giants open camp today, and Victor Cruz will be on the field with his team for the first time since Week 6. Big Blue also added former Packers receiver James Jones.

NOT GUILTY: Aaron Kromer, Bills offensive line coach and protector of lawn chairs, pleaded not guilty to assaulting a minor in Florida this summer.