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Rise 'n Grind: Will Jason Pierre-Paul get his independence from the Giants?

If he does, we would suggest not celebrating with fireworks.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

FIREWORKS FALLOUT: Oh boy. JPP may not have lost any fingers, but he could lose practice time and maybe even playing time during the regular season because of his fireworks injury. That could be a huge problem for his future with the Giants, who already pulled their low-ball offer to him (that he likely wasn't going to sign anyway). The latest report says there's "no chance" he gets a long-term deal this season.

ON PURPOSE: In his latest MMBM column, PFT Commenter wonders if maybe JPP had a motive for this fireworks injury.

CONTRACT KILLER: The Titans and Marcus Mariota are arguing over the offset language in his contract. One person thinks that's really dumb.

ABOUT THE MONEY: Quarterbacks get the biggest paychecks of anyone in the NFL, but a little research shows those big contracts come with big opportunity costs. It's no wonder then that the Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champs, have the best managed payroll in the league.


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HE DID IT AGAIN: Is there anything Odell Beckham can't catch?

SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT: Teams haven't drafted a player in the supplemental draft since 2012. That's expected to change this year. Dan Kadar has a preview of Thursday's draft.

BEST RECEIVERS: You know which team has the best group of receivers? The Bills, according to a Bills wide receiver.

ONE-YEAR WONDER: Justin Forsett figures to be more than just a one-year wonder running back. The Ravens' new OC, Marc Trestman, is going to see to that.

IT'S ALL DOWNTOWN: What's the latest in the Chargers' stadium saga? Are they fishing for a downtown stadium or trying to secure something in L.A. besides the project at Carson? John at Bolts from the Blue discusses the situation.

BOLTMAN COMETH: He's not the hero San Diego asked for, but he just might be the hero San Diego needs.

RISING STAR: Derek Carr might just be the best thing about the Raiders' future, whether that future's in Oakland, L.A. or wherever.

BEST DIVISION: Last year everyone was all about the NFC West being the best division in football, but then the 49ers melted down and the Rams never live up to expectations anyway. So, are we back to the AFC North being the best division in the NFL?

CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE: It's easy to be snarky about Alex Smith, but are we maybe overlooking an above-average quarterback?