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Giant finger probe continues

We've got some major updates about the most talked about finger in the NFL. And the rest of what's happening around the league on a fine Thursday morning.

Elsa/Getty Images

FINGER PROBE: The Giants sent reps to Florida on Wednesday to see Jason Pierre-Paul, but they never got to see him. Had they known, they could've just waited for Adam Schefter to fill them in via JPP's leaked medical records.

ROSE BOWL SAYS NO: The Rose Bowl does not want to be a temporary host to whatever NFL team ends up moving to Los Angeles. The most telling thing about the venue's decision to not respond to the league's RFP is the "bidding war" comment. Nothing's going to stop the NFL's return to L.A. at this point.

WASHINGTON NFL TEAM: Another loss for Dan Snyder's team, this time an appeals court sided with the Trademark Office's decision to cancel the Federal registry for the name "Redskins" on the basis that it's disparaging. Naturally, he's going to appeal again.

WHO'S NO. 1: And the winner is ... J.J. Watt. Aaron Rodgers was No. 2 on the NFL Network's annual time-filling listicle.

DEFINITIVE QB RANKINGS: Quarterback rankings for 2015 are soooo over. Naturally we ranked the signal callers for 2016, which is a pretty elite move, IMO.

NOTHING LIKE IT: Haloti Ngata is a master of offseason speak.

WON'T BE MISSED: Are the Eagles in trouble without Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis on their offensive line? One league exec says the two won't be missed.

WATCH THIS: It's a Blaine Gabbert "real American" video, so you know you want to see it.

CRUISIN': Gronk is putting the party bus on ice so that he can take you out on the PARTY CRUISE! He also made a Dunkin' Donuts rap video with Big Papi.

BLOCKAGE: In this era of terrible offensive lines, the Chargers suddenly have what could be one damn good unit.

FINE WITHOUT HIM: The Seahawks would be fine without Russell Wilson, but they'll be great with him.

SUPPLEMENTAL: The NFL Supplemental Draft is today, so get all caught up with the players available and how the damn thing works.


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