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Marcus Mariota's preseason debut is nothing to worry about

The Titans rookie quarterbacks is going to be just fine. We've got plenty to talk about from last night's preseason games and a heaping helping of news for

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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: There were six preseason games last night, ranging from Marcus Mariota's debut to a Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl rematch in Seattle. Get all the highlights, news and scores right here.

STREAK ENDS: Marcus Mariota's interception-free August came to an end against the Falcons, but he bounced back from shaky start to lead a touchdown drive.


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DANGEROUS: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the Falcons offense could surprise some people this year.

INJURY REPORT: Jaguars tight end Julius Thomas fractured a finger last night. Giants safety Landon Collins suffered a knee injury. And the night was especially hard on the Rams offensive linemen.

WORK TO DO: Tom Coughlin has three more weeks of preseason play left. He knows that he's going to need it.

EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED: Andy Dalton was pleased with his performance and the rest of the Bengals offense.

BROCK ON: The Broncos were very pleased with what they saw from Brock Osweiler.

LOCKED UP: Tyler Lockett put on a clinic against the Broncos, giving the Seahawks another offensive weapon to be excited about. All the offensive weapons in the world may not matter if Seattle's offensive line doesn't get better.

STEELERS SLING IT: Pittsburgh's starters didn't play much, but they made those snaps count. Check out Ben Roethlisberger's 44-yard touchdown pass to Martavis Bryant ... daaaaamn.

BILLS QUARTERBACKS: It's down to two (sorry, EJ Manuel) but those two looked pretty good in preseason play. TBH, Tyrod Taylor might have the edge.

CRAZY CATS: It was the best of times and the worst of times for Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin, but overall the QB-WR duo eventually reminded us that the Panthers could have something special here. Cam Newton's pants were ... well, they were something. Just have a look for yourself.

JUKE MACHINE: Tavon Austin is maddeningly inconsistent, but when he makes highlight moves like this, it's almost worth the frustration.

GOT YOUR BACK: Aaron Rodgers is sticking up for Tom Brady and quarterbacks everywhere.

THE PLACE FOR QUARTERBACKS: Is you team one of the many still looking for a franchise quarterback? Well, then you should get to know the Big Ten East because it's loaded with them.

NO EXCUSE: Since when is the jaw bone connected to the arm bone? PFT Commenter's latest hot take has one big question for Geno Smith.

BRADFORD OUT: The Eagles will leave Sam Bradford on the bench in their preseason game this week, which means more playing time for Tim Tebow, who is currently fourth on the depth chart.

SAM IS OUT: Michael Sam left the Montreal Alouettes on Friday, citing personal concerns. The move leaves his football future in doubt.