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NFL preseason 2015 schedule: Andrew Luck, Colts starters will get work against Eagles on Sunday

Andrew Luck and the healthy Colts starters will be in action for at least a series on Sunday, while the Philadelphia Eagles will roll with Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles are both potential playoff contenders this season, though the former has a lot less to prove than the latter at this stage of the preseason. If Chip Kelly has done anything since taking over the Eagles, it's shape the entire roster to his whims. Every coach wants to bring in his own players, of course, but Kelly got rid of some awfully good players as part of his overhaul.

He started it prior to last season, and things went pretty well for him as the Eagles were one of the better teams in the NFC and competed for the NFC East all the way up until Week 17. But now with even more roster turnover, including a new starting quarterback and running back, the Eagles are both intensely interesting and also a big question mark.

Indianapolis, led by Andrew Luck, has become one of the AFC's elite teams, with only the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos seemingly standing in the way of a potential Super Bowl run. Have they done enough to make it over the hump and snag Luck's first Lombardi Trophy?

These are questions that won't be answered in Sunday's preseason contest between the two teams, admittedly. But it is the first look we'll get at the both of them, as the final two teams to get their preseasons underway. They're going to meet in the only game on Sunday.

For Philadelphia, we won't get to see starting quarterback Sam Bradford, as he's still not quite recovered from the ACL injury he sustained last season. Instead, Mark Sanchez will make the start for the Eagles, and we'll likely get a good dose of Tim Tebow for that game. We'll probably have to wait to see DeMarco Murray's first action as an Eagle, but Ryan Mathews should at least get a series or two.

For Indianapolis, Andrew Luck is expected to play at least a series. You can also expect the other starters to play, as head coach Chuck Pagano said that those who are healthy will get at least some playing time. That means we'll get to see Luck throwing to Andre Johnson, and handing the ball off to running back Frank Gore.

Sunday's game gets underway nice and early, at 1 p.m. ET. It will be broadcast nationally on the NFL Network. Folks watching in Indianapolis can do so on WXIN-FOX 59, and in Philadelphia on WCAU-NBC 10, according to


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