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Evan Mathis keeps going to Reddit to discuss his own free agency rumors

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Mathis told Reddit that rumors of the Kansas City Chiefs being a potential landing place are "completely wrong."

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis is a free agent, but will likely choose a new team before the end of the week, according to his agent. For now, he's taking to Reddit to shoot down some of the rumors that have swirled during his time on the open market.

Mathis isn't just answering questions on an AMA, like he did in 2012, either. Instead he's been dropping by randomly over the last couple months to respond to mentions of his name and to tell Cody Parkey that he misses him, complete with a heart.

For the most part, Mathis hasn't revealed too much about his future team on Reddit, although he's adamant that it won't be the Kansas City Chiefs. Benjamin Allbright of 94.1FM in Denver initially reported that the Chiefs offered Mathis $18 million guaranteed, and while he's backed off that report, he still maintains that the Chiefs have "definite interest." Mathis says that report is "completely wrong" and that Kansas City hasn't shown any interest during his free agency.

There have been plenty of indications that Seattle could be the landing spot for Mathis, where the Seahawks could certainly use an upgrade along the interior offensive line. Mathis hasn't denied that the Seahawks could be his future team, and has received a few interesting offers from Seattle fans on Reddit.

So, what is Mathis trying to accomplish on Reddit? Nothing, really. He just likes using it more than he likes Facebook or Twitter. Also, he's "bored af."

Mathis just likes to do Internet things, like correct your grammar and wear No. 69. Nice.

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