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NFL training camp FIGHTS are a rite of summer

When players start punching each other in practice you know that kickoff is just around the corner.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

FOOTBALL IS ALMOST HERE: Do players ever get riled up about OTAs? Heck no! The fact that Dez Bryant is throwing punches at a teammate in training camp is the surest sign yet that football is actually coming soon. Leave your righteousness at the door. Training camp scuffles occur every year, and they're always meaningless. Just know that players are feeling the same edgy tension as you are and that's wonderful.

THERE ARE OF COURSE BAD TIMES TO PUNCH PEOPLE: Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer will be suspended for the first six games of the 2015 NFL season for his arrest last month for allegedly punching a boy over some beach chairs. Battery charges were dropped, but he was still subject to the minimum punishment for first-time offenders under the league's revamped personal conduct policy.

WE'RE SO HAPPY FOR YOU, SEATTLE: The Seahawks are getting all of their young, previously underpaid talent under long-term contracts. First was Russell Wilson, then Bobby Wagner on Sunday. All that remains is to get deathbacker Kam Chancellor under a new deal, so that he can show up to training camp. Feel free to hate them because you ain't them.


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TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH: The NFL decided to let Junior Seau's family speak at his Hall of Fame induction after initially saying no. See look, the NFL can do a smart, obvious and good thing. Just give them a week to think really hard about it first.

GALETTE DES HOGS: Washington signed pass rusher Junior Galette to a one-year deal at the league minimum, which is a fine value if you're not squeamish about the details (Washington isn't).

INJUNCTION JUNCTION: Lawyers for the NFL and NFLPA sent letters to Judge Richard Berman requesting that a decision on Tom Brady's suspension be made before Sept. 4, the start of the week before the Patriots' opener. This means that the NFLPA likely will not be filing an injunction that might have allowed Brady to play until the matter had been settled in court. Hang tight, we are so close to the end of the DeflateGate saga.

J.J. WATT, VINCE WILFORK AND AN ADORABLE CHILD COMBINED TO DO SOMETHING YOU WILL CLICK ON: Wilfork's daughter was struggling with the move to Houston, so to cheer her up he introduced her to Watt, and together they took the most adorable photo you've ever seen.

WAFFLE HOUSE: B.W. Webb is dang proud to rep Waffle House on his arm during Steelers training camp.

LOOKS FUN: Hard to tell what Titans receivers are accomplishing with this drill -- Fumbling with style? -- but it looks fun as heck, and really, isn't that what training camp is all about?

NVM: Brandon Boykin had some potentially incendiary words about Chip Kelly after being traded by the Eagles, that recalled LeSean McCoy's comments that Kelly was getting rid of the "good black players." Boykin clarified those comments, saying he didn't mean to imply that Kelly is racist, just that he struggles to relate to players. Given the personnel moves that Kelly has made this offseason, it's a little understandable why players may not think Kelly is an endearing man.

YOU CAN LISTEN TO US TALK: The Onside Kick Family Hour with Ryan Van Bibber, Danny Kelly and Stephen White is a marvelous way to whittle away your morning. Listen in for more on Le'Veon Bell, Eric Berry's return, Dontari Poe's shaky future and stories about improper cell phone maintenance and near-death airplane experiences.