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The Philadelphia Eagles are unstoppable

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They're 3-0 through preseason play with an impressive +65 point differential, but it's only the preseason. Meanwhile, Washington is in full meltdown mode, injuries keep piling up and roster cuts are coming.

CAN THE EAGLES BE STOPPED? It doesn't look like it. Sam Bradford snagged headlines with a flawless performance that led the Eagles to a 39-point explosion in the first half of Saturday's game. Check out his first touchdown throw in an Eagles uniform. Eagles players are understandably eager for the season to start.

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: It only took Washington three preseason games to go from winning the offseason to toxic meltdown. There's a quarterback controversy now, and team owner Dan Snyder is the only one left in RG3's corner. And in Saturday's preseason game against the Ravens, the most dangerous tackle of the year led to a brawl.


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ANGRY HARBS: Ravens coach John Harbaugh was clearly upset by the ugly game against Washington, and he took it out on some poor reporter at halftime.

COBB INJURY: The Packers suffered another blow this week, losing Randall Cobb to a minor shoulder injury. Now, the question is whether he'll be available for Week 1.

TEBOW EXPERIMENT: As for the Eagles third-string quarterback ... Tim Tebow struggled working as a two-point conversion specialist.

FANTASY RANKINGS: Injuries and position battles can change the way your fantasy football draft unfolds. Be prepared for your draft with our updated list of the top 150 players.

JULIO JONES: The Falcons and Jones agreed to a five-year, $71.5 million contract extension over the weekend, with $47 million guaranteed. Only Calvin Johnson makes more money among receivers. As for Jones, check out where he was when he found out about the deal.

THE BIG TRADE: Trading up for Julio Jones in the 2011 NFL Draft has worked out well for the Falcons. Too bad the Browns screwed it up.

BUSH LEAGUE: Reggie Bush just can't make moves like this one anymore.

RIVERS' FINGER: Chargers fans got a scare when Philip Rivers left this week's game with a hand injury, but he's going to be fine. Rivers didn't hurt his finger during this melee on the field, but it's the thing that Chargers players were fuming about after the game.

ROSTER CUTS: Teams got a jump on trimming down to 75 players ahead of Tuesday's deadline. Keep track of all the cuts.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY: James Harrison said the Steelers were just like Burger King against the Bills this weekend in what might be the best quote of the preseason.

BILLS PICKING A QB: Rex Ryan said the Bills would pick their starting quarterback on Sunday. No word yet who the lucky winner is.

HUNDLEY DEALS: Brett Hundley had a great game for the Packers. Too bad they already have a quarterback who happens to be sort of good at it.

GIANT DEFENSIVE CONCERNS: The New York Giants may have a big problem on defense.

RAIDERS LOSE WATSON: Oakland's starting right tackle, Menelik Watson, ruptured his Achilles tendon in the first quarter of Sunday's game against the Cardinals. He'll miss the entire season. Austin Howard will replace him.