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A judge in St. Louis may have settled NFL relocation to Los Angeles

If the Rams stay in St. Louis, it will buy the Chargers and Raiders A LOT more time to negotiate new stadiums.

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NO VOTE: A judge invalidated a St. Louis ordinance that would have mandated a public vote on the expenditure of public money for a new stadium. Whether this is good for the city and people of St. Louis is a valid question. The ruling, however, makes a new NFL stadium in St. Louis much more feasible, and potentially changes the outlook of NFL relocation to Los Angeles. For example, if the Rams stay in St. Louis, the Chargers won't feel that their market is threatened, giving San Diego more time to negotiate with the team and talk it out of a flimsy-seeming move to Carson with the Raiders.

COUNT THE COMMAS: Russell Wilson's contract extension with the Seahawks made both parties very happy, Danny Kelly writes. A third party, Andrew Luck, should be ecstatic.

YOU HAD TO BE THERE: You had to watch Charles Haley -- really watch him -- to understand what a beast he was. His numbers were nice and his highlights are on YouTube, but they don't nearly do justice to Haley's impact on the field, according to Stephen White.


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TOO MANY MEN IN THE HUDDLE: PFT Commenter is personally not mature enough to handle a woman coaching in the NFL. What about his rights?

REMEMBER MARLIN BRISCOE? He may be Terrelle Pryor's guiding example as one of the few NFL quarterbacks-turned-receivers to actually succeed. So far so good for Pryor, who has been taking first-team reps at wideout with the Browns.

EAGLES FANS ARE MONSTERS: They booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus, and now they've murdered the world's friendliest hitchhiking robot. Pretty sweet Randall Cunningham retro jersey, though!

FRIENDLY WORKPLACE: Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick have now gone FOUR DAYS without throwing an interception in practice.

DRESS LIKE THE BEST: T.Y. Hilton was strutting around with Andrew Luck's face on his socks a day after wearing a hamburger backpack to practice. Hilton may be eight years old (or continuing an awesome tradition started by Reggie Wayne).

YOU'RE OLD: Mark McGwire? Jose Canseco? Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson have never heard of them, but they've got a sweet new nickname: The Bash Brothers! You know, from D2: The Mighty Ducks!

NOW THE SAD PART: The Eagles lost linebacker Travis Long and the Ravens lost safety Matt Elam to season-ending injuries. Long was expected to compete for a reserve role before suffering another ACL tear. Elam has struggled to fulfill his first-round promise during his young career and could ill-afford a setback like this.

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