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The unbelievably believable fate of RG3

Washington is done with RG3, so what are they going to do with him now? Also, surprising roster cuts, important decisions and lots more from around the NFL.

UNBELIEVABLY BELIEVABLE: "It's Kirk's team now." With those words Washington head coach Jay Gruden made Kirk Cousins his starting quarterback for the 2015 season. RG3, who technically hasn't been cleared from his head injury, is headed to the bench, maybe even the third-string QB job. Some Washington fans seem ready to move on, too.

PILING ON: RG3 isn't the only misunderstood quarterback fans and the media love to pick on. And with the hottest of takes, one critic says RG3 is being selfish for claiming the last spot on the team's bench. The Eagles fired a shot at their troubled rivals with a meme.


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INSTAGRAM: One of RG3's interns really screwed up by liking the wrong Instagram post.

NEW HOME: If Washington releases RG3 -- they might! -- one NFL travel writer thinks that he could land with the Seahawks. There's also been speculation about him going to Philly.

BILLS PICK A QB: The Bills will go with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback this season ... for now.

CONCUSSION: The trailer for Will Smith's new movie Concussion isn't going to be very popular with the NFL. Watch it here.

RICHARDSON RELEASED: The Raiders released Trent Richardson on Monday night. It's hard to imagine his NFL career continuing after this.

ROSTER CUTS: Keep up with all of the roster cuts ahead of Tuesday's deadline, when teams have to go from 90 to 75 players.

ACTIVATED: The Lions activated Haloti Ngata and Joique Bell on Monday. The latter may have some stiff competition from rookie sensation Ameer Abdullah.

TRADES: The Jaguars sent kicker Josh Scobee, the team's longest-tenured player, to the Steelers. The Broncos traded OT Chris Clark to the Texans. Tampa Bay traded Tim Wright to the Lions and this is the second consecutive year they've traded Wright. Seattle sent a receiver to Carolina.

ALBINO TIGER: Jacksonville's offensive coordinator has a strange analogy for receiver Marqise Lee.

STEELERS PICK EXPLAINED: The Steelers knew that Martavis Bryant was going to be suspended, which is why they drafted Sammie Coates this year.

DON'T PANIC: Here's why you shouldn't worry about the Chargers rookie running back Melvin Gordon.

TODAY COULD BE THE DAY: Yes, we might be done with DeflateGate today. Here's a look back at the seven months we wasted.

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