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Don't blame the Patriots for the Steelers' faulty headsets

We couldn't even make it through the first half of the first NFL game of the season without Patriots cheating allegations. But the NFL says it's their fault.

PATRIOT WAYS: The Patriots beat the Steelers, 28-21, at Gillette Stadium on Thursday night. It took less than a quarter for a new round of cheating allegations when the Steelers headsets stopped working. Mike Tomlin was furious after the game, telling the media that headset problems are "always the case here" at Gillette. The NFL took blame for it, saying it was a "power" problem at the stadium. How could this happen given the NFL's rules about how headsets are supposed to be set up?


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HIGHLIGHTS: Tom Brady threw four touchdowns, and Rob Gronkowski caught three of them. At times, it looked like the Steelers just forgot to cover Gronk. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown finished the game with 133 yards, a touchdown and one amazing catch. But it was Brown's teammate Markus Wheaton who made the catch of the year ... so far.

CELEBRATION: The Patriots opened the season with an orchestra and a big celebration that looked a lot like a middle finger to the NFL. New England had a banner ready to go in case Tom Brady was suspended that really threw it in the league's face. Fans at the stadium chanted for Roger Goodell.

HAIRCUT: Antonio Brown had a Tetris haircut that the Internet had all kinds of jokes about.

WINNERS & LOSERS: Despite the loss, the Steelers have to be pretty happy with what they got from DeAngelo Williams, starting in place of a suspended Le'Veon Bell. Dion Lewis looks like the Patriots running back du jour, but Pats fans still found something to worry about in the wake of last night's win.

BREAKING MADDEN: It's back! The season opener from Jon Bois features 44 quarterbacks versus 44 defensive ends.

DEALS DEALS DEALS: Bills DT Marcell Dareus makes more than Ndamukong Suh now. The Panthers made Luke Kuechly the league's highest paid inside linebacker. Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo signed a four-year extension.

PLAY FAST: Chip Kelly makes the Eagles offense play fast because he's thinking of you.

PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER: Charles Haley put WHAT on Matt Millen's shoulder????

BROWNS MOVES: Cleveland signed former Seahawks running back Robert Turbin and released Terrelle Pryor.