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Here is all the dumb bulls*** that happened on the NFL's opening night

Thursday's NFL season opener turned into yet another circus.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The 2015 WWE NFL season got underway Thursday night with a 28-21 New England Patriots win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yep, it was just another typically quiet start to the football season, with the Patriots maybe cheating, lots of hurt feelings and a Steelers coach FIGHTING a Patriots fan in the stands. Hard to believe they somehow found the time for a football game in the middle of all that.

Understated Patriots ceremony


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The night began with a quaint little ceremony celebrating the Patriots fourth Super Bowl win. Yes, it included an orchestra and owner Robert Kraft emerging from a cloud of smoke with a Lombardi Trophy. Just a subtle middle finger from the Patriots to their friends inside the NFL corporate office on Park Ave.

Banner trolling

New England had a very special banner made up to unveil Thursday night, a special banner in case Tom Brady had been suspended for that game. They still managed to show off that banner anyway.

"Where is Roger?"

Roger Goodell declined to attend the game, supposedly because he didn't want to distract from the celebration. His presence was missed by Patriots fans who asked where the commissioner was the only way they knew how, with a chant.


The Steelers lost their headsets for a while in the first half of the game, as you may have heard. The NFL says it was because of an issue with the power grid at Gillette Stadium (electricity is now 2-0 against the NFL), but that's not good enough to placate the Steelers.

Wacky calls

It wouldn't be a Patriots game without Bill Belichick pissing off an opponent by finding some wrinkle in the playbook, this time shifting his defensive line during a critical goal-line stand.

A coach fighting a fan (allegedly)

Capping it all off, Adam Schefter reported Friday afternoon that the Steelers tight ends coach is being investigated by NFL security for kicking a Patriots fan at halftime. That's the THIRD incident involving an NFL assistant coach assaulting someone this year.

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