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NFL scores 2015, Week 1: Follow all the action from Sunday

The first Sunday of the NFL season is underway. Follow all the action here.

The 2015 NFL season officially kicked off on Thursday night in a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, but it isn't quite the same until there are more games on a Sunday than a fan knows what to do with.

The big story from the early Sunday slate of games was the Buffalo Bills and quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who scored a huge upset over Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were favored by 2.5 points prior to kickoff, but the Bills won that game 27-14. Indianapolis scored 14 points in the second half and was driving late when Luck threw his second interception of the day, this one with less than two minutes to play.

Chicago was keeping things interesting against the Packers until Jay Cutler threw a back-breaking interception that Green Bay used to grab a 24-16 lead in the fourth quarter, adding another touchdown before the game ended. The Dolphins came back from a three-point deficit as Washington fell apart in the second half.

In what seems like typical New York Giants fashion, they fell apart towards the very end of their game and ended up gift wrapping a victory for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo led his team down the field and fired home a touchdown to earn the win with just seven seconds left on the clock.

Sunday highlights

The Cowboys took advantage of some Giants blunders to earn a comeback victory. 

Jameis Winston started with a pick-six. Marcus Mariota started with a touchdown.

The Seahawks did what they should've done in the Super Bowl. It didn't work.

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Lions rookie RB Ameer Abdullah scored his first NFL touchdown.

The best catch of the day, so far, belongs to a Dolphins cornerback.

Washington and Miami trying to recover this fumble got the Yakkety Sax treatment.



Johnny Football is back!

Marcus Mariota was literally perfect.


Dez Bryan is going to be out four to six weeks with a broken foot

T.Y. Hilton left with a knee injury.

Panthers LB Luke Kuechly has a concussion.

Antonio Cromartie hurt his knee.

DeSean Jackson has a hamstring injury.

Terrell Suggs has a foot injury.

Andre Ellington hurt his knee.

Derek Carr has a hand injury.

While the 1 p.m. slate had some of the best young quarterbacks in the game on display, the next grouping features the passers who have been near the top of the NFL for the last decade. That said, there weren't big games out of the biggest names on the day. Peyton Manning threw for just 175 yards with an interception against the Baltimore Ravens, while Drew Brees tossed just a single touchdown and an interception against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons will start the Monday Night Football season as part one of a doubleheader that will also feature the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers that will get started after the dust settles from the first football Sunday of the year.

Below, we've got a table of the Week 1 games, with scores updated throughout the day.

Final scores so far for Sunday:

Patriots 28, Steelers 21 (Thursday)

Dolphins 17, Washington 10

Jets 31, Browns 10 [recap]

Bills 27, Colts 14 [recap]

Panthers 20, Jaguars 9

Chiefs 27, Texans 20

Packers 31, Bears 23

Rams 34, Seahawks 31

Cardinals 31, Saints 19

Chargers 33, Lions 28

Broncos 19, Ravens 13

Bengals 33, Raiders 13

Titans 42, Buccaneers 14

Cowboys 27, Giants 26 [recap]

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