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Browns vs. Jets 2015 final score: 31-10 win shows Jets are not the worst team in the NFL

Despite being the Jets, the Jets beat the Browns on Sunday and are officially, technically undefeated in 2015.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets, despite low expectations and a second-string quarterback forced into starting duty, have put a win on the board after beating the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, 31-10.

Cleveland isn't exactly the model for consistency either, and lost starting quarterback Josh McCown in the first half. McCown gave way to Johnny Manziel, who promptly came in and tossed a 54-yard touchdown to Travis Benjamin to give the Browns an early lead in the game.

McCown sustained a concussion after he tried to jump over a defender going for a rushing touchdown. He took a hard hit to his head and left for the locker room. Manziel completed 13 of 24 passes for 182 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

The Browns did have one highlight reel play when Brian Hartline snagged a one-handed catch:

Ryan Fitzpatrick made the start for the Jets and while he wasn't perfect, he got the job done, assisted by running back Chris Ivory. Starting in place of Geno Smith -- who had his jaw broken in a locker room incident in the preseason --Fitzpatrick tossed a pair of touchdowns and also had an interception. Ivory put up 91 yards and a pair of touchdowns, while Fitzpatrick threw for 179 yards in total.

Cleveland wasn't able to get its running game going, giving Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson the bulk of the work. The running game was a big focus for the Browns this offseason, but the Jets' defensive front managed to hold them down for most of the game. McCown, of all players, led the game with 23 yards off of three carries into the fourth quarter.

After giving Todd Bowles his first win as their head coach, the Jets will be riding high after this game. But they have a tough outing against the Indianapolis Colts set for Week 2. The Browns will go back to the drawing board with a game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.

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