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This is what Jason Pierre-Paul's hand looks like now

We now have pictures of Jason Pierre-Paul's hand. We still have questions about it.

The first image of Jason Pierre-Paul's unbandaged hand after his fireworks accident was released by the New York Daily News. Hey, we're sorry if you already clicked on this post and are offended by images of fractional hands, but here is what Jason Pierre-Paul's hand now looks like:

Although we've known for some time that Pierre-Paul had a rather gruesome hand injury, the extent of the injury has been a matter of some contention. In July, the Giants' owner stated that he had no idea how many fingers Pierre-Paul had. In recent days, reports have surfaced that the Giants were dismayed to find out that Pierre-Paul was missing more of his hand than previously thought. This was all quite confusing as the team tried to figure out when he'd be able to play and whether to give him a contract extension.

Now we know what Jason Pierre-Paul's hand actually looks like. However many fingers are there, that is the amount of fingers he has. You have the answer to your question, Giants. We still have more questions:

Which is the most important sports finger?

The good news is Pierre-Paul is upbeat about the situation, even joking about it on Twitter:

It's true: The index finger doesn't seem incredibly important for playing defensive end.

Athletes have been able to succeed with fewer than 10 fingers. Gerald Green has had a fun NBA career without most of his ring finger. Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown ... well ... figure it out. So we're wondering:

Here's hoping Pierre-Paul is right and that he'll be able to get back on the field soon.