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Dion Sims is too good to sit for the Dolphins

The Dolphins may have signed Jordan Cameron this offseason, but Dion Sims has too much talent to simply sit on the bench.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Martellus Bennett. No, he's not one of the guys I'm picking as a breakout player for 2015. But that's who I see when I watch Miami Dolphins tight end Dion Sims on film. Not the Martellus Bennett of 2014, more like the Bennett of 2010 when he looked primed to be a monster at tight end for the Dallas Cowboys with just a little more seasoning. Marty B didn't actually have his breakout season until two years later with the New York Giants, but after a slow start to his career you just knew it was coming at some point.

That's how I feel about Sims even though I don't think its going to take him quite as long to maximize his potential. The Dolphins drafted him in the fourth round in 2013, and even though he started five games as a rookie, he wasn't much of a factor in the passing game. He only caught six balls for 32 yards and a single touchdown as a backup that season, which was somewhat of a disappointment.

Last year, he only started two games as Charles Clay's backup, but his production jumped to 24 receptions for 284 yards and two touchdowns. Not exactly eye-popping stats, but definitely an improvement for a backup. Now, with Clay gone to Buffalo, Sims has a legitimate shot to show everyone what he can really do.

I know the Dolphins signed Jordan Cameron -- and believe me, I'm a fan of his also -- but Cameron hasn't played a full 16 games in his four previous seasons and I doubt he'll start now. Sims should get some extra opportunities when Cameron inevitably has to sit out. However, I think Sims might earn more reps even when Cameron is healthy. If Sims continues to improve, I'm just not sure Cameron is going to be that much of an upgrade over him.

Sims has good size at 6'4 and almost 270 pounds, not quite Bennett's height but right around the same weight. He can get downfield in a hurry and he puts pressure on linebackers and safeties trying to keep up with him.

If there was a knock on him from last year, it was that he dropped a few passes that were right in his hands, a sure sign of concentration issues. That's something Bennett also struggled with as a young player. It's something Sims will have to fix for sure, but I saw him catch too many difficult passes with his hands away from his body to think he can't do it.

Another factor is that quarterback Ryan Tannehill just got a fat new contract. I suspect they'll want to see him live up to it by actually, ya know, throwing the ball a fair amount this season. That means the passing game should open up at least a little more this year and Sims will be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Hell, I'm not positive Cameron will end up starting over him to be honest. Even if he does, I still expect Sims to be a significant cog in the Dolphins' passing offense this season.