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NFL scores 2015: Follow all the Week 2 action from Sunday

Week 2 is a chance to separate the flukes from the surprises and a chance to find out which narratives are closest to the truth.

With one week already in the books, the second week of the season goes a long way toward cementing or challenging first impressions from Week 1.

On Thursday night, it did a little of both for the Denver Broncos. While questions about Peyton Manning and the offense were raised further by early struggles, three touchdowns and a miracle comeback made it seem the end of Manning's career may have been overstated.

The narrative of Manning's demise will have to wait another week for more definitive answers, but there are plenty of other Week 1 narratives that will now be put to the test on Sunday.


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With Rex Ryan leading the way for the Buffalo Bills, it was time to see if the team has enough bullying power to bulldoze through the New England Patriots and take claim to legitimate playoffs hope. That wasn't the case for most of the day, with Tom Brady and company dominating -- until the Bills made a late push.

The 49ers' Week 1 victory also looks a little fluky after allowing the Pittsburgh Steelers to rack up 43 points in a complete destruction of San Francisco. Week 2 tested plenty of the Week 1 narratives and some of the stars of the first weekend of the regular season didn't look as impressive the second time around.

Marcus Mariota's impressive debut performance (four first-half touchdowns) was followed by a slow start against the Cleveland Browns. Although Mariota threw two touchdown passes, he noticeably struggled against the Browns and coughed up the ball twice in his first loss in the NFL. Meanwhile Nick Foles' strong showing in Week 1 was followed by Kirk Cousins outdueling him in Washington.

Below, we've got all of the Week 2 games, with scores updated throughout the day.

Final scores so far for Sunday:

Broncos 31, Chiefs 24 (Thursday)

Washington 24, Rams 10

Browns 28, Titans 14

Steelers 43, 49ers 18

Bengals 24, Chargers 19

Falcons 24, Giants 20

Vikings 26, Lions 16

Buccaneers 26, Saints 19

Cardinals 48, Bears 23

Panthers 24, Texans 17

Patriots 40, Bills 32

Jaguars 23, Dolphins 20

Raiders 37, Ravens 33

Cowboys 20, Eagles 10

Packers 27, Seahawks 17

SB Nation presents: Cam Newton flips for an amazing touchdown

Sunday's best moments ... so far

The Bengals used a big man for a big play.

Larry Fitzgerald makes a great catch on a flea flicker.

Odell Beckham pays homage to Ronaldo.

The Titans punter is playing dead.

Pittsburgh is having fun with extra points.

Teddy Bridgewater's underhand pass turned into a 50-yard play.

Who's taunting who?

A parachutist almost crashed into the Lions bench.


Julio Jones makes a one-handed catch that looks like something out of Madden.

Amari Cooper is just too dang fast for the Ravens.

Tom Brady is picking his nose.

Cam Newton snuggled up with a boom mic.

The Saints defense summed up by the Saints defense.

Luke Willson made an incredible one-handed grab.

Beast Mode made a BEAST BLOCK.


49ers RB Carlos Hyde leaves with a head injury.

Jay Cutler tried to make a tackle. Now, he's hurt.

Falcons RB Tevin Coleman was carted off with a rib injury.

Bills safety Aaron Williams left the game in an ambulance with a neck injury.

The Eagles lost two linebackers.

Tony Romo has a broken collar bone.

Eddie Lacy was ruled out with an ankle injury.