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What happened in the NFL on Sunday, Week 2: The NFC East is the new NFC South

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Start here. Be the smartest football fan in the office on Monday.

It's only been two weeks and the NFC East is already a confusing mess.

After losing Dez Bryant to a broken foot in their opener, the Cowboys just lost their Pro Bowl quarterback, too. Tony Romo is expected to be out eight to 10 weeks (or more) with a broken collarbone, and somehow that devastating and season-altering injury didn't seem as depressing as the Eagles' performance against a depleted and Brandon Weeden-led Cowboys team (who in are in first place despite all the injuries).

Philly has now rushed for 70 yards on 33 carries this year -- a 2.12 YPC clip -- and Chip Kelly's mad scientist moves over the offseason haven't shown great early returns. The offensive line has struggled (after he cut Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans), the run game is nearly non-existent (after he traded LeSean McCoy), the pass defense looks bad (after he gave Byron Maxwell tons of money) and Sam Bradford has only looked competent in short flashes (after he traded away Nick Foles). It's obviously really early and it's a long, long season, but what a way to begin the year for the two preseason favorites.

Anyway, the East will be a roller coaster this year, again, that much seems clear. As for the rest of the action this weekend, here are a few notes on what you're sure to be hearing around the water-cooler today.

Talking points for that Fantasy Football Person

The fact that no one cares about Fred from accounting's fantasy football team doesn't mean that Fred's going to hold back from telling you about his fantasy football team. A few topics you could broach in return:

Larry Fitzgerald is certainly not a new name in the fantasy football landscape, but his eight receptions for 113 yards and three touchdowns set the pace for scoring thus far in Week 2. However, his rookie teammate David Johnson continued to make his case as a sleeper starter each week, particularly in PPR leagues. His receiving wasn't the difference in this game, though, and he got things started in Chicago with a touchdown return on the game's opening kickoff. He later took a run 13 yards around the end for another score in the third quarter. Johnson has now scored a receiving touchdown, a rushing touchdown, and a return touchdown in two games as a pro.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, receiver Travis Benjamin is your hot "waiver wire pickup" of the week. Benjamin is owned in only 5.9 percent of ESPN's fantasy leagues, and followed up strong debut in Week 1 (three catches for 89 yards and a TD) with an even bigger Week 2. Benjamin caught three passes for 115 yards and two scores and is now averaging 34.0 yards per catch. He also added a 78-yard punt return touchdown. His four touchdowns this year are tied for tops in the league with Gronk. Not shabby.

Speaking of big-time weeks, Jacksonville's Allen Robinson was started in only 23 percent of ESPN fantasy leagues this week, and rewarded the faith those select few showed him by going off for six catches, 155 yards and two touchdowns.

One more hot waiver wire pickup this week will surely be Washington's Matt Jones, who looks to be earning himself a bigger share of the carries there. Jones, who is owned in 16.1 percent of leagues on ESPN, out-rushed Alfred Morris both in reps (19 to 18), yards, (123 to 59) and touchdowns (2 to 0). Is this a changing of the guard? Will be interesting to watch, but in the meantime, Fantasy Football Guy will surely be telling you to scoop him up.

Speaking of the changing of the guard, it looks like Jeremy Hill is in the doghouse in Cincy after losing two fumbles on Sunday, and that means good things for Giovanni Bernard fantasy owners. Bernard rushed 20 times for 123 yards and added three catches for 16 yards, but it will be interesting to see if the Bengals stick with him as the go-to guy.

Commiserate with the Hardcore Gambler

Every office has one -- that Obsessive Gambler -- that person who can quote you every Vegas line from every game, and knows your floor's pick 'em league standings by heart. Well, unless they're some sort of savant, they're probably going to be in a bad mood Monday morning. It was a bloodbath out there on Sunday.

Things got even weirder than normal. The Vikings, after looking completely inept against the Niners in Week 1, bounced back at home and outlasted the Lions. Meantime, the Niners, whose second half performance last week tempered or reversed the long offseason narrative that "this season will be a disaster," were, well, a disaster in Pittsburgh. They fell behind 29-3 by the half then gave up another 14 points in the second before losing 43-18.

Vegas underdogs had a field day as well -- the Patriots beat the favored Bills, the Bucs beat the nine-point favored Saints, the Browns beat the favored Titans and Washington beat the favored Rams. The Falcons beat the favored Giants after New York blew a late lead, the Jaguars beat the favored Dolphins, the Raiders beat the favored Ravens and the Cowboys beat the favored Eagles.

Good gravy.

Impress that Obscure Stats Nerd

Want to go punch-for-punch with that Stats Nerd at the water cooler? Here are a few things to memorize:

A lot was made this past week of the Patriots-Bills matchup, and more specifically, the Bill Belichick-Rex Ryan rivalry. The game ended up being pretty close by the end, and the Bills gave themselves a shot to win it, but Ryan sure as hell won't be happy with the defensive performance his team put forward. Tom Brady passed for 466 yards -- the most passing yards the Bills have ever surrendered. Ever.

Additionally, and this is way more obscure -- this was Tom Brady's 100th career game with at least one touchdown and no interceptions. He becomes the first quarterback in league history to hit that mark.

With Antonio Brown's nine-catch, 195-yard day, that makes an absurd 34 straight games for Brown with at least five catches and 50 yards receiving. That's insane consistency and production, and really illustrates why he's one of the NFL's best receivers -- if not the best -- despite his diminutive size. Dude just keeps making plays.

In San Diego, Philip Rivers' third-quarter touchdown pass to Stevie Johnson moved him to 255 in his career, now ahead of Chargers great Dan Fouts for most all-time in San Diego franchise history. Fouts passed for 254 touchdowns in 181 games for San Diego while Rivers took just 151 games to eclipse that mark, a true testament to how great of a thrower Rivers has been in his career.

Meantime, Texans defensive tackle J.J. Watt became the second-fastest player in NFL history to 60 career sacks, second only to the legendary Reggie White. It took Watt 66 games to get to that benchmark, while it took White just 47 games to get there. This Watt dude is pretty damn good, but good lawd, it really puts White's greatness in perspective as well.

One last stat for you -- this may or may not interest fans of the Texans, Giants, Lions, Bears, Saints, Eagles, Ravens and Seahawks??? -- historically, only 13 percent of teams that start the year out 0-2 end up reaching the playoffs. The odds are not in your favor.

Did you see that?

Here are a few of the best or most fun plays from this Sunday's action:

1. How 'bout that tackle eligible play for the Bengals, huh?

Yes, that's Bengals' offensive tackle Jake Fisher -- who declared himself as an eligible receiver prior to lining up -- catching a short pass and rumbling for 31 yards. Fisher was known as a very strong athlete coming out of Oregon, and well, it showed up here.

2. That Flea flicker by the Cardinals worked pretty well.

Not only was it a great flea-flicker play by Arizona to catch the Bears' defense off guard, but that catch by Larry Fitzgerald with a defender draped over him was a thing of beauty.

3. Holy crap, that Cam Newton front flip was crazy.

Newton used his patented "Sky Cam" keeper vs. the Texans, but I don't think even he expected to execute a perfect flip after getting hit in the air at the goalline. He's no Mary Lou Retton, but Bela Karolyi would've been proud with Newton's near miss on the perfect landing. (Video via @WhoIsJoseRivera)

4. Garrett Graham's one-handed grab vs. the Panthers was no joke.

Tipped it to himself. Got one foot down. Secured it. Tapped the other down. Hell of a catch.

5. Speaking of great catches, here's Julio Jones...

(via @WhoIsJoseRivera)

Even more moments from Sunday

Odell Beckham pays homage to Ronaldo.

The Titans punter is playing dead.

Pittsburgh is having fun with extra points.

Teddy Bridgewater's underhand pass turned into a 50-yard play.

Who's taunting who?

A parachutist almost crashed into the Lions bench.

Amari Cooper is just too dang fast for the Ravens.

Tom Brady is picking his nose.

Cam Newton snuggled up with a boom mic.

The Saints defense summed up by the Saints defense.

Luke Willson made an incredible one-handed grab.

Beast Mode made a BEAST BLOCK.


49ers RB Carlos Hyde leaves with a head injury.

Jay Cutler tried to make a tackle. Now, he's hurt.

Falcons RB Tevin Coleman was carted off with a rib injury.

Bills safety Aaron Williams left the game in an ambulance with a neck injury.

The Eagles lost two linebackers.

Tony Romo has a broken collar bone.

Eddie Lacy was ruled out with an ankle injury.