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Which of the NFL's 0-2 teams are screwed?

The Seahawks aren't done yet, but the Bears probably are.

It's been a strange start to the 2015 NFL season. Right now there are nine teams that have yet to win a game, and that list includes many which were expected to be Super Bowl contenders this year, such as the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

What does this all mean going forward? While it's still early, the losses still count. There's a reason that dating back to 1990 only 12 percent (23 of 204) of the teams which have started 0-2 have gone on to make the playoffs (via ESPN). If you're 0-2 now you likely have to go at least 10-4 the rest of the way. That's hard to do.

Last season the Colts were the only 0-2 team to make the playoffs, and now they're back in that situation again. Can they duplicate their 2014 turnaround? What about the rest of the NFL's winless teams? Let's take a look.

Don't panic just yet

Seattle Seahawks (Net Points: minus-13): This is certainly not the start Seattle envisioned, and everything is not rosy for the Seahawks. The Disease of More was made famous by Pat Riley, and there seems to be some of that going around Pete Carroll's locker room. The team's stars, like holdout Kam Chancellor, want to get paid. Russell Wilson is dating a music star, giving weird interviews and posing for the cover of Rolling Stone. The offensive line is struggling, the defense no longer looks invincible and Jimmy Graham has yet to show up.

All that being said, the Seahawks should be fine. Both their losses have come on the road -- in St. Louis, where they often struggle, and in Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers is pretty much unbeatable. If Seattle had already lost a game at home, that would be one thing. But this is a franchise that's dropped just two games at CenturyLink Field over the past three years. All the Seahawks have to do is win four of their eight road games to get to 12 wins and likely clinch a spot in the playoffs once again.

Indianapolis Colts (Net Points: minus-26): Nothing about how the Colts have played should make the team's fans feel better. The offensive line stinks, the defense is banged up and Andrew Luck doesn't seem to care about this thing called ball control.

But Indianapolis is in the horrific AFC South, a division currently being led by Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts have yet to face the Jags, Tennessee Titans or Houston Texans. That's likely five wins right there (Luck is 16-2 in his career against the AFC South). Having the best quarterback in your division is usually all you need. The Colts certainly have that.

New York Giants (Net Points: minus-5): Losing two games by a total of five points is tough. Losing two games by a total of five points because of miscues and horrific clock management is the kind of stuff that might actually end up killing Tom Coughlin. What won't is the status of the NFC East.

The Philadelphia Eagles stink (more on them below), Washington isn't going anywhere and the Dallas Cowboys now have to hand the ball to Brandon Weeden. That bodes well for the Giants -- assuming they do, eventually, figure out a way to not blow games in the fourth quarter.


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Baltimore Ravens (Net Points: minus-10): Don't write them off yet, but you wouldn't be wrong if you had a pen ready. For one, the Terrell Suggs injury is a huge blow, especially for a team that got rid of Haloti Ngata in the offseason. Also, the AFC North seems like it's going to be one of the league's toughest divisions again, with the Cincinnati Bengals getting off to an impressive 2-0 start and the Pittsburgh Steelers looking like an offensive machine. But this is still a team that's made the playoffs seven of the last nine years. Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh won't go down without a fight.

Houston Texans (Net Points: minus-14): When you make a quarterback change after just one game, that doesn't bode well for the season (maybe they should try J.J. Watt under center). So why are the Texans in the "don't panic yet" category? Hello, AFC South.

Hey, there's always next year

Chicago Bears (Net Points: minus-33): Yeah, they're done. The defense has surrendered 79 points in two games and Jay Cutler is out at least two weeks. The Bears travel to Seattle this week, which means they're going to be 0-3 heading into a Week 4 game with Jimmy Clausen playing quarterback. But don't worry, Bears fans, all isn't lost: you might get a replacement for Cutler in next year's draft.

New Orleans Saints (Net Points: minus-19): The Saints suddenly can't win at home -- they've dropped five straight games in New Orleans, including Sunday's embarrassing loss to the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- and Drew Brees could end up missing a few games due to a shoulder injury. But even with him on the field, the team's Jimmy Graham-less offense looks stale while the defense still can't stop anyone (maybe having one guy serve as GM for both an NBA and NFL team is not the best idea). If Brees misses significant time, the Saints are going to have trouble winning a single game. Either way, though, New Orleans' season is over.

Detroit Lions (Net Points: minus-15): It took a whole two weeks for Matthew Stafford to get banged up and for Calvin Johnson to look old, and now Detroit takes on the Denver Broncos in Week 3, the Seahawks in Seattle in Week 4 and the Arizona Cardinals at home in Week 5. That's got 1-4, if not 0-5, written all over it.

Philadelphia Eagles (Net Points: minus-12): Perhaps the most disappointing team in the league -- and further proof that preseason football is meaningless. Shiny new quarterback Sam Bradford has thrown twice as many interceptions (four) as touchdowns (two). Shiny new running back DeMarco Murray is averaging 0.5 (!) yards per carry. Shiny new cornerback Byron Maxwell has allowed opposing receivers to amass a total of oh, around 4,321 yards and 92 touchdowns in just two games. Shiny new coach Chip Kelly is likely polishing up the old resume and sending it out to athletic directors everywhere. Football in Philadelphia is back, and as good as ever.

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