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Not even the Eagles understand the Eagles

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Chip Kelly's offense is anything but exciting and the Eagles are 0-2. Nobody understands why, not even the Eagles. Plus, Colts coach Chuck Pagano changes his tune!

TOTALLY SCREWED: Your team is 0-2. It's far worse for some than it is for others.

PREDICTABLE: The Cowboys defense knew exactly what Chip Kelly's innovative offense was going to do, which play they were going to run, before the snap.


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OVERCONFIDENT: What happened to the Eagles? Not even the Eagles players really know the answer to that question.

PAGANO BACKTRACKS: The Colts head coach awkwardly walked back his comments about Andrew Luck and the general manager with the always believable that's not what I meant defense. "It's really complementing (sic) our quarterback is what I was doing there." Oh, OK. The question now is whether the Colts can get better THIS season.

QB COLLECTION: Dallas added another quarterback to the fold while Tony Romo is out, sending a draft pick to the Bills for Matt Cassel. He'll backup Brandon Weeden, the backup quarterback who prayed he would never have to play. To replace Cassel, the Bills are signing another quarterback who was recently on the Cowboys practice squad.

WITTEN: Speaking of injured Cowboys, now Jason Witten's status this week is up in the air.

IT'S FITZ: The Jets are sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard man, whether Geno Smith can play or not.

TREATMENT: Steelers WR Martavis Bryant is in treatment during his four-game suspension.

NO HOLDING BACK: The Steelers will lean on Le'Veon Bell like they always do when he returns this week, and why not? That vaunted Rams defense got gashed by Washington's running game, so imagine what Bell can do.

HOSS: Sack Drew Brees three times, win the coveted Hoss of the Week award.

NO GOLD: The Raiders will not paint their field gold, regardless of what the NFL says.

HIGH PRAISE: The Cal coached praised his star QB Jared Goff by saying "he's never stolen crab legs."

MR. FIX-IT: Whatever's wrong with the Giants, it's nothing a win can't fix, says Eli Manning.