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The Onside Kick Family Hour: The Dallas Cowboys are sunk

What's been the most surprising thing through two weeks of the NFL season? The Cowboys are totally screwed. The Jets are really good. The Colts will (probably) be fine. Plus, previewing Week 3.

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Well, guess who's day just got a little bit better? That's right, it's you. What exactly happened? Well, the internet's only* NFL podcast returns this week with Danny Kelly, Stephen White and myself giving you a full slate of overreactions to the first two weeks of the season and a rich and meaty preview of Week 3.

Now, a lot of you have been down on the Week 3 schedule, just because it includes such stunners as Raiders and Browns, but you're wrong. Those tire fires usually make for some wild Sundays. And there are a few important but underrated tilts this weekend too, like the Bengals and Ravens.

But before we preview this week's games, including the Thursday night matchup, we're looking at the season's first two weeks. Yes, the Cowboys are screwed without Romo and Dez; don't even pretend that they're not. We really think the Jets are going to be good. And the horrible state of offensive line play deserves its own segment.

You can listen above, or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, if that's your sort of thing.