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The Colts built a fantasy football team. It's not working.

If Colts owner Jim Irsay has to choose between the reportedly feuding Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson, the general manager is the one who should go. It's his roster that's struggling to win.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Pagano shouldn't be the fall guy if things continue to go awry in Indianapolis. That honor should belong to general manager Ryan Grigson, who put together this flawed roster.

It's a combustible situation in Indy, as the Colts are off to a winless start and have scored a mere 21 points in two games. To make matters worse, there seems to be discord at the top of the organization. Pagano is reportedly feuding with Grigson, and it seems as if he may be on his way out. The head coach is in the final year of his contract.

But as Bill Parcells once said, "If they want you to cook the dinner, they ought to at least let you shop for some of the groceries." Grigson hasn't given Pagano the right ingredients to work with.

Andrew Luck's carelessness with the football is a problem, and perhaps the biggest reason for the Colts' embarrassing loss to the Jets on Monday Night Football. But it's difficult to throw when defensive linemen are stampeding toward you, which is what Luck had to deal with all night in that game and many others.

That fact wasn't lost on Pagano after Monday's game.

"That's been the case for three years now, has it not? He should be more than comfortable dealing with what he's dealing with," a frustrated Pagano said following the game, a remark that many saw as a ding at Grigson.

No quarterback was hit more last season than Luck. The Colts had a porous offensive line, and it was an obvious area of need heading into the offseason. But yet, Grigson waited until the fifth round of the draft to select an offensive lineman. Instead, he spent a first-round pick on speedy wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, who has just three receptions this season. It's tough for Luck to get the ball downfield when he doesn't have any time to throw.

Luck's league-leading 28 turnovers since the start of 2014 are concerning, but no quarterback can perform well when he's constantly under duress. Just ask Tom Brady, who slogged through the first four games last season before the Patriots corrected their O-line problems with the addition of rookie center Bryan Stork into the lineup.

The Colts have been unable to get past the Patriots since they drafted Luck; New England has outscored them 189-73 in four meetings. The Patriots have been able to run the football at will against Indianapolis, rushing for a combined 772 yards in those four contests. The Colts allowed 4.3 yards per carry on defense last season, tied for ninth-worst in the league.

But instead of rectifying that area of need in free agency, Grigson added veteran playmakers Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. The Colts are building a fantasy football team, and they're getting demolished. Indianapolis has been outscored 92-28 in its last three games.

If it wasn't for the securing of the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, a class that happened to feature one of the most NFL-ready quarterbacks in recent history, things could be a lot worse for the Colts.

"When you look at this thing, thank God we have the guy that we have," Pagano said of Luck on Tuesday. "We've won, obviously we win as a team and no one man is responsible for it.  We do it collectively obviously.  We need everybody, but obviously he plays a major, major role in that."

Given the utter mediocrity of the AFC South, the Colts could still sneak into the playoffs this season despite an atrocious start. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans are tied at the top of the division with 1-1 records, while the Houston Texans sit in a tie at the bottom with the 0-2 Colts. In the last 12 years, the Colts have earned the divisional crown nine times and earned a wild card spot in two of the three seasons they didn't sit atop the division's standings.

With no true contender in the AFC South in 2015, Football Outsiders is still giving the Colts a 25.4 percent chance at the playoffs, which is higher than the Jaguars, despite having the lesser record. The only team ahead in the AFC South in playoff odds are the Titans, who Indianapolis will travel to face in Week 3.

After winning big against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Marcus Mariota and the Titans came back down to Earth against the Cleveland Browns in Week 2 and now enter a home game against the Colts as 3-point underdogs. A win in Tennessee coupled with a loss for the Jaguars against the New England Patriots would put the Colts right back in the division's driving seat.

But it's becoming increasingly apparent that Grigson has built a paper tiger. The Colts are 10-12 in regular season games outside of the division since 2013.

If the Colts are going to become bona fide Super Bowl contenders, they need to make a change. But the person who should be ousted resides in the front office, not on the sidelines.