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The Washington NFL team keeps winning off the field

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Washington's offseason just got worse. Also, a surprising name for the hot seat, why the NFL doesn't really care about its fans, power rankings, fantasy advice and more!

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WINNING OFF THE FIELD: Where were you when the world learned that the wife of Washington's general manager, Jessica McCloughan, accused an ESPN reporter of exchanging blowjobs for scoops? McCloughan calling a reporter her husband's "side chick" was embarrassing, but things really went down the tubes when Dan Snyder's ace PR guy, Tony Wylie, got involved.


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BREEDING DYSFUNCTION: Former Washington linebacker LaVar Arrington says that there's something about that team that prevents players from being their best.

MEETING OF THE MINDS: We sent PFT Commenter to ESPN headquarters to spend a day with Skip Bayless.

POWER RANKINGS: The NFC came out on top in our preseason power rankings, but there's room for a few AFC in the top 10.

THE NFL DOESN'T CARE: The NFL is going back to Los Angeles, and they don't care whose hearts they break in the process.

WAR ON DEFENSIVE BACKS: Take a look at how the enforcement of the illegal contact penalties has changed the NFL over the years.

ROOKIE STARS: Which rookies need to be stars this year for their teams to have a chance?

BREAKOUT PLAYERS: Stephen White identified this year's breakout star for all 32 teams.

MAKE OR BREAK: Is Colts head coach Chuck Pagano on the hot seat?

BIG BLUE NOTHING: Phil Simms isn't real high on the Giants this year based on what he's seen in the preseason. We should remind you that Washington has won 14 of their last 16 preseason games, which has worked out well for them.

HOT TAKES: One Boston sports pundit has moved on from hot takes to death threats.

EAGLES QBS: Should the Eagles get rid of Tim Tebow AND Matt Barkley? They don't need anyone, really, not if this Sam Bradford hype video is to be believed.

CUTTING CASSEL: Will the Bills dump Matt Cassel before the season starts?

GET READY: The NFL season starts in ONE WEEK. Spend some time with our season preview to get ready.

FANTASY CORNER: Check out our updated player rankings before you settle on your Week 1 roster. We also updated our rankings for the quarterbacks, the running backs and the receivers.